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Life Coaches and Consultants Need a Digital Content Strategy. Here are 3 Reasons Why.

Whether you’re a life coach or a consultant, you are your brand, and you love what you do. Given that, marketing your personal brand is super easy, right?


Unless digital content strategy is your specialty, you’re probably not doing it the best way possible. It's not just a matter of making a ton of branded content. You can write a blog post every day, or promote your brand on social media with up-to-the-minute posts, but without broader goals or a long-term focus, that content production simply won’t generate much real value. 

An overriding strategy, on the other hand, ensures a focus your marketing efforts wouldn’t otherwise have. In particular, there are three areas where a professional, strategic approach can make the difference between finding clients and struggling to remain in the marketplace. They are Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Noteworthy ROI, and if you hit on all three, your personal brand just might change your life:

1. Efficiency


Without definite targets, you’re firing blind. There’s always a chance that you’ll find the crowd you’re looking for by putting random content out there and hoping for the best, but that’s not an efficient use of time and energy. With a planned strategy, you’re focusing your efforts on specific client personas, who you expect to find via specific means, with engagement goals in mind that, when hit, will lead directly to new business.  

2. Effectiveness


With specific goals in mind that you hope to achieve using specific means, you will be able to verify whether or not your particular initiatives are successful. When you’ve got a method and a purpose, you’ll know if something is worth the time and effort, and can react accordingly. By pivoting away from time sucks, you free up all kinds of room in your schedule for better, more worthwhile work.

3. Noteworthy ROI

ROI.jpgA digital content strategy is particularly important when your marketing efforts involve monetary investment. Once you open that checkbook, you need to know where your money’s going, and what’s coming back as a result. A focused content strategy can be engineered to generate the kind of return that will keep your brand afloat. You’ll know the money you’re spending isn’t wasted, because you’ll see exactly where it’s going, what results, and how it might be better spent.

The point here is accountability for your efforts. Wasting them on things you hope will work, but without any way to prove whether or not they do, is no way to run a business. Developing a digital content strategy immediately puts you on the path to a more efficient, effective, and profitable venture.


For more information, check out the recent webinar put on by our CEO Julie Ewald concerning creating content strategy. Watch it now—it’s free!

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