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5 Ways Life Coaches Can Use Content to Build Healthy Relationships


We take our hats off to life coaches, motivational speakers, and mentors. They do a noble thing for others day-in and day-out. Not many others can say that they aim to increase the potential of their clients through empathy and understanding. They should really be called relationship experts, because that’s what they are, isn’t it? The life coach dream is to create hallmarks of healthy relationships, and we have some tips on how to achieve that dream through content!

Whether you connect with your clients through a website, blog, or book, the words that you jot down should mimic the values of what make relationships successful.

1. Be Honest 

The backbone of any successful relationship is honesty. Tell the truth about what you can offer your clients in your content. Over-promising and being unable to follow through can lead to a bad reputation and under selling will appear as under qualified.

2. Be Yourself

People who look for the services of a life coach want real people, not a robot. Take your own advice and draw out your unique personality so you can put you into your content. Your voice and tone should be consistent and real--even if someone else is writing for you!

3. Listen 

It's something we’ve been told to do since we learned to talk. Listen to your audience’s wants and needs to better understand each of their journeys. Your content will be more personal, more thoughtful, and more relatable.

4. Be Creative

Life coaching, although recent, is a growing craft. Your opinions and approach should offer value to your audience in an appropriate but exiting way. They’re taking a giant step towards bettering themselves, so give them something they can’t find anywhere else.

5. Be Flexible 

Your services allow people to transition, in relationships, careers, and elsewhere. Provide content clients can identify with during all stages of their personal transformation. This can rely a sense of independence and confidence as they continue on their path. 

So now that you know how to create healthy relationships with your clients through content, how are you going to do it? If you don't have the time to blog regularly, lack the writing skills, or have continuing writer's block, you need help. Our guide should do the trick!

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