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Why We Recommend Blogging to All of Our Clients

why we recommend blogging

We recommend blogging to all of our clients, and are a bit shocked when other marketers don’t do the same. This is because even though blogging may hold different levels of importance for different clients, it offers benefits to all of them that can be obtained even if they are blogging less frequently than our recommended minimum of one post per week. Like?

Search Recognition

Even if you aren’t utilizing an SEO strategy with keywords and stuff, blog posts will get the search engines’ attention. Regular turns of phrase often end up as keywords that one could inadvertently rank for, and it shows Google that your site is relevant and current, which will help it show up in search.

Brand Building

People want to do business with brands they like, admire, and can identify with. Building a brand identity, particularly a likeable one, can take time and effort. Blog posts written with this in mind or posts crafted out of earnestness and focused on customers can help brand building big time.

Rapport Building

The information you give out on your blog should benefit the audience. By reading your blog, they get valuable information at no cost to them. People like this, so your blog should make them like you. Again, people do business with people (and corporate entities) they like.

Trust Building

By blogging, you are putting yourself out as a resource for your readers. These folks are getting valuable information from you that eases their pain points and answers their questions—even those they didn’t know they had. You become their trusted information source, and when it’s time to spend money, that trust should still be there.

Enhancing Value

By putting out information, you’re giving your customers even more. And you’re even giving to those who haven’t spent a cent with you. This is providing everyone with more value, or more bang for their buck, which is something that people look for in the purchases they make.

Building a Library

Content marketing is cool, and blogging is just one part of it. When you create e-books, white papers, brochures, and more, you can turn back to your blog posts and repurpose the content instead of reinventing the wheel from scratch. You can whip up your other content initiatives quicker then, and you know they will be consistent in terms of message, tone, and style with the other things you’ve put out.


These are just some of the reasons we recommend blogging so darn much. If you are ready to get on board, check out our blogging packages.

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