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Why No One Comments on Your Blog Posts

Why No One Comments on Your BLog

I’ve met a lot of business owners and managers who have really great blogs, but they have a beef: no comments. It doesn’t matter how much they write, the number of shares, or the amount of visitors—silence. Heck, our blog is quiet as all get out! So why is it that no one comments on your blog posts?

The conversation is everywhere.

Why would someone take the time to comment on your blog when they’ve already shared your post on Facebook and are having a whole discussion about it there with their friends?! People may comment on the blog itself, but they are sharing it to social sites around the web, and that’s where the discussions are often going on. If you want to try to get in on these, set up a Google Alert and dive in when your content comes up.

You don’t talk back.

Think of it like a cocktail party. You’re a lively host who has just told a great story. As soon as you are done speaking, a guest chimes in with something to add, and in response you say nothing. That silence is awkward and embarrassing for them, so they probably slink away to a corner. When people comment on a blog post, they are entering the discussion, and if you don’t say something back and justify their comment, they are going to slink off, unlikely to try to pipe up again. You don’t have to respond to every little thing, but you should acknowledge as many comments as you can. People who have taken the time to read and comment on your posts are doing you a favor, so return it by acknowledging them even by just jotting a quick reply.

You don’t ask for them.

Just having the ability to enter comments isn’t enough. Ask for comments—encourage additional information, questions, and more. Tell people to join the conversation by leaving a comment. To encourage your readers to comment, get them thinking by raising a question at the end of your post. Make them know that their opinions and insights about the topic are welcome.

There’s a technical error or your blog has a crazy commenting system.

Yep, it happens, and won’t you feel sheepish? Mainly an issue for those new to blogging, it may be that your comments are turned off or just waiting for you to moderate them. Or it could be that your blog has a bad commenting system. A crazy complicated system is a major comment killer, so just use the basic one. It’s cool; this is an easy fix.

And more!

Yep, there are other reasons some blogs get radio silence from the readers. What are some reasons in the past why people weren’t commenting on your blog?


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