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How the Heck Do You Measure a Successful Blog Post?!


A lot of of folks seem to be somewhat confused about what is or is not a successful blog post. There are certain things that are super exciting to see, but these may not really be an indicator that your post is really working for you. So what would be a good tip off that your blog post is a winner?

Page Views

Having a lot of views on your blog post could be a measure of success, but it could also just illustrate that you've done some dang good SEO. This is an indicator of some success, but unless you are getting paid based on your page impressions, a busy post isn't necessarily killing it. 


A heavily shared post feels really, really good. Depending on your aims, a post that's shared often could be a successful one. If your blog or brand is something with wide appeal, the more that post travels, the better for you. However, if you have a small, targeted market segment, a post that goes viral is probably being viewed and shared most often by folks who won't become customers (and have no reason to). A modest bump in shares could indicate you've hit a cord with your target niche, however, so way to go!


Kudos if you are getting a lot of legit comments. Actual engagement on your posts are the bee's knees--you elicited action from your readers! Because of social sharing, comments happen everywhere, but rarely on your blog. On-site engagement is great because these folks may come back to stay in the conversation and are likely to interact in other ways--ways that could move them down the sales funnel.


Every blog post should have what's known as a "call to action" if folks like me are to be believed. These elicit engagement by urging interested parties to do something of some benefit to you (and them) to move down that sales funnel or to build brand loyalty. How often people click on these CTAs on your posts are probably a very good indicator of success. They dug your post so damn much, they did something you asked them to do. The odds that your post is legitimately successful climbs along side your click-through percentage.

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