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OMG! Viral Marketing isn't Really a Thing!

A client dumped us a few summers ago. After a very warm working relationship over several months, I received a very cold email out of the blue telling us our content and consulting services--including the content marketing strategy we were making them--were no longer needed because they decided to do "viral marketing."

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A Facebook Page is NOT an Alternative to a Website

I can’t believe I need to say it, but a Facebook page is NOT an alternative to a website for your business! That Facebook page was sure easy to make, and maybe it even has some activity, but it’s not a replacement for a regular website. Why?

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A Social Media Mistake Your Business Might Be Making

When it comes to social media, many businesses don’t really know the first thing is making sure that their Facebook and Twitter accounts are actually having a positive impact on their business. You may think that just showing up is all you need to do for social media, but that is the HUGE social media mistake your business might be making.

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