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Using a Blog to Set Yourself Apart

Too many small business owners feel like they are a dime a dozen. Unless you have a pre-existing relationship, many people see folks in fields like insurance, accounting, real estate, mechanics, landscaping, pest control, and even some areas of medicine and law as being all the same. The only difference is price and location, and if you have competitors at a similar price point in the same neighborhood, you have to do something to stand out so potential clients take notice. May I recommend using a blog to set yourself apart.

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How to Promote Your Business Without Spending on Advertising

As a business owner, you want to tap into your target market and get the attention of potential customers through your sales messages. But how can you tell the world of how great your company is without throwing around advertising dollars? The simple answer is this: let OTHERS spread the word of how great your business really is. This is possible through the use of a good publicity.

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