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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Outsource Blog Posts to Us

 We do (and have done) a lot of blogging on behalf of a lot of clients. From ghostwriting for life coaches to giving voice to a startup brand, we’ve seemingly done it all when it comes to blogging. However, you may never, ever want to outsource blog posts to Team Impressa. Here are seven reasons why: 

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Where Content Writing Services Fail

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the allure of a content writing service. You simply sign up, pay up, leave some instructions, and you'll have an article delivered to you! I know, I'm making these content writing services seem pretty darn nice, right?

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Our Top Content Strategy Secret for Startups

Team Impressa works with a lot of startups, and most of them face very similar challenges. The issue, essentially, is that there's a lot that needs to be done, and the internal team is too small to tackle everything themselves. This includes content strategy. 

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Outsource Your Blog and Keep Creative Control in 6 Easy Steps

A blog can (and should!) be a focal point of the content marketing strategies for everything from start-ups and small businesses to life coaches and entrepreneurs. Your very own blog provides space for promoting ideas, discussing industry trends, telling personal stories, and many other forms of customer/client outreach. It’s a chance to build the brand and develop its digital voice, as well as a great way to work out a sustainable SEO strategy that generates notice and, more importantly, traffic.

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How to Outsource Your Blog to Team Impressa (Or Any Agency, Actually)

The decision whether or not to outsource your blog can be taken relatively lightly. This is not the case when it comes to selecting who you will outsource blogging duties to.

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How to Outsource Your Blog and Save Money

 When it comes to hiring a blogger for your brand or business,  budget may be an issue. You want top tier content from a competent writer to represent you well, not do anything dodgy, and create compelling, high value posts to bring in business and keep current clientele engaged. But top tier content generally comes from top tier writers at a corresponding price point. You need to figure out how to outsource your blog while saving money.

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