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How to Create Good Relationships with Others in Your Industry

A few posts back I wrote about how important it is to create good relationships with other folks in your industry, but it was pointed out to me that not everybody knows how to do that. And while you may have an idea of how to connect with others in the industry, you might want more inspiration on how to go about it. So here's how to create good relationships with others in the biz.

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It’s Imperative to Create Good Relationships in Your Industry

I’m still coming down from SXSW V2V. The SXSW folks always put on great events, and V2V was no exception—it was my second year. While you may think that I’m high off of meeting startup CEOs and venture capital firms who are potential clients, I’m still swooning over other marketers I met, particularly content folks. Why? Because it’s important as all get-out to create good relationships with others in your own industry.

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Networking and Blogging: The Perfect Pair

Several months ago, I wrote a piece for a local Las Vegas business magazine, Infinity. Actually, I’ve written several pieces for them, but the one I'd like to focus on is the one about how your business blog, if properly utilized, could be a game-changer for your networking. This piece made me happy because it’s full of good advice and has a fresh perspective, but it made me cringe because I realized I don’t practice what I preach. But I’m working on it, and I wanted to take a moment to share some highlights from that article because networking and your blog can really complement each other wonderfully.

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You Can’t Write Your Own Blog Content

When I say you can’t write your own blog content, I really mean that you shouldn’t. I used to have some trouble explaining this to folks, but one day it was suddenly so clear. I was at a networking event over a year ago, and I ran into a hairdresser, and suddenly I had it!

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