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5 Reasons Why the Best Life Coach Marketing Strategies Include a Blog


 What are the two important things your clients take into consideration before theyhire you?

  • Your ability to do what you say you do (i.e. they want to feel that your service is worth their time and money)
  • The idea that your are easygoing and they will enjoy working with you

So, how can you inject confidence into your potential clients?

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Authors: If You Outsource Blog Posts, Watch Out!

Blogging is a brilliant way for authors (of all genres) to attract new fans, connect with existing readers, and keep enthusiastic followers abreast of upcoming events and exciting news. But many authors don't actually have time to blog for themselves, so they outsource their blog posts to a ghostwriter. Generally speaking, this is a brilliant idea, but it can go awry. 

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What Is Content Strategy?

Before you can erect a building, you need a blueprint. It shows everybody involved in the construction what the finished product will look like, where things like plumbing and electrical wires go, how big the individual pieces need to be, and how everything will fit together. Without it, no one knows what they’re doing, and no responsible professional would ever break ground until it's been developed and approved.

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What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

Before understanding what an inbound marketing agency is, we need to know what actually is inbound marketing. Even after several years of its existence in the marketing world, many marketers are still skeptical about its effectiveness and certainty. This is mainly because they are afraid of disruption that this transition may cause to their currently working system.

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Don't Create Business Marketing Material First

We've met many a potential client who put the cart before the horse. They needed to further refine their brand, create a marketing plan, and do up all new business marketing material--think brochures, spec sheets, and anything else you'd put in a media kit or hand to potential customers hanging out around your trade show booth. And they wanted these marketing materials to be done before everything else, which is a horrible approach.

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3 Reasons Why Life Coach Marketing Will Not Hurt Your Brand

Some people find talking about themselves distasteful. Others are made uncomfortable when forced to discuss their best attributes. Whether from real or false modesty, a simple lack of confidence, a philosophical predilection, or an intellectual decision based on previous experience, the fact is: many folks simply don’t enjoy self-promotion.

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Potential Customer Profile vs. Client Persona: Which Is Which?

Before you dive into the nitty-gritty of your content marketing plan, you need to know the audience for whom the content is intended. There’s no point in making it otherwise; whether it’s a blog or a video or an infographic, you’re wasting your time and energy making anything that isn’t targeted to a specific potential client or customer.

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Draft a Life Coach Marketing Plan: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Life coaching is rewarding work, but never forget that it is WORK! If you want to do it full-time, you need to turn your life coaching ambitions into a legitimate business that generates revenue and becomes self-sustaining. After you’ve got your business model laid out, developing a life coach marketing plan is the single-most important thing you can do.

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Life Coach Marketing: No Secrets, Just Plans

Marketing is one of those things, when you don’t know how to do it, that can seem like a magical power. But that’s hogwash. Marketing, though not necessarily easy, is very far from being secret magic. More than anything else, it’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears donated to the cause of turning your life coaching business into a career that can sustain you financially while affording you the opportunity to help as many people as possible. Without marketing, it’ll prove nearly impossible for your life coach business to ever get off the ground; with marketing, on the other hand, you can find the customers and niches that will grow and maintain your life coaching as something more than a hobby.

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Inbound Marketing for Life Coaches: 5 Things to Think About

What is inbound marketing?

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