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Copywriting 101: The Top Tip from Team Impressa

We haven't dished any copywriting 101 tips for a bit, so I figured it's time to divulge what I think could be the best tip Team Impressa has. 

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Content Strategy 101

A lot of folks have interesting ideas about what content strategy is or is not. That's why I'm laying down a really quick crash course right here. 

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Get a Free Content Evaluation (Before I Change My Mind)

Does your content cut it? If it doesn't, would you know? 

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5 SEO Content Writer Secrets

SEO content doesn't just happen. Sure, sometimes someone gets lucky and ends up whipping up a post that accidentally is pretty successful in scoring organic traffic, but generally, an SEO content writer has to work at creating content that is valuable and optimized. 

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How to Write SEO Content for Humans

Search engine optimization is important for most businesses' web presence, and content is a huge part of SEO. When folks first realized this, the content trend was kicked off. If search engines wanted content, then content they'd get. SEOs were turning out web pages by the ton, and content farms were born to churn this all out on the regular. This content catered to the search engines almost exclusively--a lot of gibberish was whipped up to get the attention of web crawlers. Pages existed purely for the purpose of slipping in more keywords and links. It didn't matter if the words there made any sense or served up any value to real people, but who cared about real people?! They weren't going to get you to the first page of the search results. But that's all old news.

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Copywriting 101: Out of Ideas? Just Start Writing

Writing works a little differently for a business professional than it does an artist.

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Why We Recommend Blogging to All of Our Clients

We recommend blogging to all of our clients, and are a bit shocked when other marketers don’t do the same. This is because even though blogging may hold different levels of importance for different clients, it offers benefits to all of them that can be obtained even if they are blogging less frequently than our recommended minimum of one post per week. Like?

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Should You Outsource Blog Posts?

As we are in the business of creating content for others, namely blog posts, it shouldn’t be shocking that I’m in favor of choosing to outsource blog posts. But it isn’t the right thing to do all the time.

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If Something's Not Working, Break It Down and Start Over

A few weeks back, I was doing routine maintenance on my bicycle when it came time to change the rear wheel’s tube. The job, one of the easiest to perform, as far as basic maintenance goes, should’ve taken ten minutes, maybe fifteen if I went slow.

Thirty minutes in, for some reason I still hadn’t finished the job.

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Copywriting 101: If It Doesn't Work, Get Rid of It

The worst mistake a copywriter can make is falling in love with a first draft.

Reason being, that first draft of a piece is little more than a brain’s baby steps on the path to a much better, more fully-realized finished product. Before you get too impressed by your own genius, you’ve got to understand that most of what comes out first in your copywriting won’t, and shouldn’t, be there at the end. Not in that same form, anyway.

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