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5 B2B lead nurturing best practices to implement ASAP

In the past, marketers would stay connected to their potential buyers by using drip marketing, a program that sent out a series of messages (direct mail, email, etc.) at an interval selected by the marketer.

The problem? It was non-adaptive.

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The truth about developing a content strategy for your clients

When it comes to developing a content strategy for their clients, many marketers and business consultants are biting off more than they can chew. Why is that?

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Should you still blog around the holidays?

Should I blog around the holidays? It’s the top question many marketers ask once Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed.

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10 Best Tools for Remote Content Marketing Teams

Team Impressa is a 100% digital team, which means that all of our collaboration has to be done online. When it comes to things like blog posts and social media content, that’s not terribly complicated. But how do we keep everyone on the same page when we’re working on more complex projects like website redesigns and in-depth ebooks or white papers?

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3 Steps to Creating Good Content When Your Product is Complicated

We work with a lot of tech clients here at Impressa Solutions, and many of them share the same two challenges when it comes to content strategy: how do we a) communicate what we do in an easy-to-understand way, and b) make sure people are seeing our messages?

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