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4 Reasons Why Using a Ghost Blogger Keeps a Life Coach On-Brand

Nothing quite prepares new life coaches for the amount of writing necessary to properly market their business. For instance, content marketing best practices all but require a brand blog. That wouldn’t be a big deal if you could write about whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, but such is not the case here. Instead, your brand blog must feature a steady stream of new and interesting content either ideological or promotional in nature (and sometimes both at once) that targets popular industry-specific search terms in order to drive traffic to your website.

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The Skinny on Ghost Blogging

Oh, the ghostwriter. He’s made a name for himself. Actually no he hasn’t, but he has for his employer in the form of presidential speeches, best-selling books, and influential marketing material. Ghost blogging does essentially the same thing, but with a healthy dose of digital exposure!  

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5 Reasons Why the Best Life Coach Marketing Strategies Include a Blog


 What are the two important things your clients take into consideration before theyhire you?

  • Your ability to do what you say you do (i.e. they want to feel that your service is worth their time and money)
  • The idea that your are easygoing and they will enjoy working with you

So, how can you inject confidence into your potential clients?

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Authors: If You Outsource Blog Posts, Watch Out!

Blogging is a brilliant way for authors (of all genres) to attract new fans, connect with existing readers, and keep enthusiastic followers abreast of upcoming events and exciting news. But many authors don't actually have time to blog for themselves, so they outsource their blog posts to a ghostwriter. Generally speaking, this is a brilliant idea, but it can go awry. 

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Tips for Life Coaches: How to Outsource Your Blog

As a life coach, you have to be very careful about selecting someone to create content for your blog (or anything else, for that matter). You--and your clear vision, unique voice, and specific viewpoint--are your own brand, and all of the content created for your brand needs to sound like it's coming from you, even if someone else wrote it. 

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If You are a Cruddy Writer, Ghost Blogging is the Answer

Not everyone has a way with words, particularly when those words are written. I'm not about to call anybody out here, but many of the life coaches, business coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs we provide ghost blogging for aren't excellent writers. They needed to put their best foot forward for their personal brands in their blogs, and turning to a ghostwriter let them do just that.

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Is It Okay to Outsource Blog Posts as an Author?

The short answer is yes. But I bet some authors are shaking their heads at my assessment. Stop it. It's helpful to outsource blog posts as an author.

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5 Savvy Tips for Selecting a Ghost Blogger

While Team Impressa would love to handle ghost blogging for every person who comes our way, we just aren't a good fit for everyone. But there's someone out there who is. And there are many potential ghost bloggers who seem stellar, but aren't a good option. I've been hiring writers for years (and no, not every hire is a smash hit), and these are seven of my savvy, experienced tips for selecting the best blogger for you.

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5 Signs You've Found the Right Ghost Blogger

You know blogging is beneficial for boosting your SEO, raising your profile, and a bunch of other marketing magic, but you probably don't have time to do that stuff yourself. Outsourcing blog posts to a ghost blogger is an excellent solution--far better than buying generic, cheap content and slapping your name on it, hoping for the best. But how do you know you found the right ghostwriter for your blog?

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Outsource Your Blog and Keep Creative Control in 6 Easy Steps

A blog can (and should!) be a focal point of the content marketing strategies for everything from start-ups and small businesses to life coaches and entrepreneurs. Your very own blog provides space for promoting ideas, discussing industry trends, telling personal stories, and many other forms of customer/client outreach. It’s a chance to build the brand and develop its digital voice, as well as a great way to work out a sustainable SEO strategy that generates notice and, more importantly, traffic.

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