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5 Keys to Finding Killer Content Creation Services

Producing high quality content for your business can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the resources to hire and manage an in-house writing team to do it.

So, the other option is to outsource the work, but where do you start looking? There are many content creation services out there and, honestly, it can be a pain in the butt to try and filter through them all in order to find the right one.

However, there are several key things you can do to help simplify your search.

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4 Tips for Finding Brilliant Ghost Bloggers


Because you understand the importance of blogging, you’ve built out a blog to spread your talent and skills in order to position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

Successful blogging requires you to be proficient in a number of skills, like keyword research, user and search engine-friendly content creation, and blog management. Yes, this will eat up your valuable time and energy in order to make the blog a perfect content marketing tool. That’s why most of the successful entrepreneurs, life coaches, and authors find alternatives that work best for them. 

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4 Reasons Why Using a Ghost Blogger Keeps a Life Coach On-Brand

Nothing quite prepares new life coaches for the amount of writing necessary to properly market their business. For instance, content marketing best practices all but require a brand blog. That wouldn’t be a big deal if you could write about whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, but such is not the case here. Instead, your brand blog must feature a steady stream of new and interesting content either ideological or promotional in nature (and sometimes both at once) that targets popular industry-specific search terms in order to drive traffic to your website.

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Outsource Your Blog and Keep Creative Control in 6 Easy Steps

A blog can (and should!) be a focal point of the content marketing strategies for everything from start-ups and small businesses to life coaches and entrepreneurs. Your very own blog provides space for promoting ideas, discussing industry trends, telling personal stories, and many other forms of customer/client outreach. It’s a chance to build the brand and develop its digital voice, as well as a great way to work out a sustainable SEO strategy that generates notice and, more importantly, traffic.

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Before You Outsource Blog Posts, You Should...

Under most circumstances, outsourcing blog posts is the best way for life coaches, startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and personal brands to get the most out of their content marketing strategy. Though it can make you anxious, and even seem dangerous at first, the right professional ghost blogger will provide high-quality content that reflects well on your business and, hopefully, drives a good deal of traffic to your website.

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Keyword Stuffing: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Anyone who writes and works in the digital space should be familiar with the concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords. 

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Are Blogging Packages Better Than Paying Per Post?

As you get down into the nitty-gritty of developing a new content marketing strategy, you might find that you simply don’t have the time, nor the resources, to write your new blog yourself. Rest assured, this is fine, and something numerous small businesses, startups, authors, and life coaches have similarly discovered. It’s nothing to worry about, and simply means it’s time to look into outsourcing blog posts.

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Should You Outsource Web Writing?

Great content doesn’t magically appear. It’s not like you can just toss some seeds, water them, and wait on awesome digital marketing to materialize. No, great content requires writers, and not just people who can write, but professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes to content marketing, SEO, keywords, and campaign development.

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13 Best Blog Writing Best Practices

A personal or company blog is an important piece of any content marketing strategy. Whether you’re a life coach going pro, or a small business fitting into a market niche; a startup touting your company’s attributes, or an author targeting a new and larger audience: having your own blog allows you to talk to potential customers directly and show off your expertise in easily-digestible ways. You can also target market trends and specific readers while controlling your messaging to a degree not possible in other content venues. 

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Coaches: 5 Reasons Why Research Is Your Best Friend

It’s always there for you, can answer virtually any question, and if you look in the right place, it can even help your business grow. We’re talking about your BFF: research, of course! As long as you have an internet connection and the will to learn, research done the right way can lead to a lifelong friendship.

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