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You Don't Know How to Market Your Life Coaching Business, and That's Okay!

When you start a life coaching business, it can be hard sometimes to remember that it is, in fact, a business. You first considered becoming a life coach because you wanted to help people, and you wanted to be a source of guidance and inspiration. On the list of factors that drew you to make your ambitions a legitimate business, however, odds are marketing was pretty far down towards the bottom, if on the list at all. 

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5 Ways Life Coaches Can Use Content to Build Healthy Relationships

We take our hats off to life coaches, motivational speakers, and mentors. They do a noble thing for others day-in and day-out. Not many others can say that they aim to increase the potential of their clients through empathy and understanding. They should really be called relationship experts, because that’s what they are, isn’t it? The life coach dream is to create hallmarks of healthy relationships, and we have some tips on how to achieve that dream through content!

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Which SEO Audit Tool is Best?

Ready to conduct an SEO audit on your website? If you read our previous article “5 Reasons an SEO Audit is a Bad Idea” and still think it’s a good idea, I’ve put together a short list of tools you will want to look at to get started. Since my background is mainly in design and markup, I’ve also consulted my good friend  Kristine Schachinger, a seasoned SEO auditor who has who has 17 years experience in website design and implementation and over 10 years in the SEO industry. She is considered a subject matter expert and speaks internationally on SEO issues as well as writes for several well known publications such as Search Engine Land and State of DIgital.

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Ideation or Brainstorming? Whatever You Call It, Spend Time On Ideas

Ideas are hard to get a handle on. They have no physical properties, no one knows where they come from, they’re invisible to the naked eye, and they don’t actually do anything themselves. In spite of all this, they are the essence of what it means to be human. They are the engine that runs the brains that separate us from the animals.

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Time Is Not Money

Forget the old saying, “Time is Money.” Time is not money. It’s far more important.

Many successful entrepreneurs can tell you story after story of the times they failed in business. Of funds misallocated, markets overestimated, and money promised that never materialized. A business requires money to both get started and to run, and without making money, a business is going under, and fast.

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Content Is King (When It's Well-Made)

If you’ve been involved with the digital content development industry for any appreciable amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Content is King.” Though not the mantra it once was, it still serves as a guiding principle. The word “content”, after all, is right there in the industry’s name, and the combination of the Internet’s ever-changing nature with the process of online business development produces an insatiable need for it.

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A Buzzword Never Made a Sale

Think outside the box, and it could be a real game-changer. It’s all about synergy, and a value-add that could shift your paradigm to proactively effect your social currency and personal branding. Are you ready for a new normal?

Apologies if the above paragraph made you sick. It made me squeamish to write. However, it helps to see buzzwords in action to understand how meaningless they truly are.

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Work From Home? It's Easier to Work at a Clean Desk

It’s a blessing and a curse to work from home: a blessing because it means you’re capable and trustworthy enough to stay employed without having to go into the office every day; a curse, on the other hand, because you almost have to produce higher-quality work than your office mates if you want to keep it going.

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Be a Better Boss: LISTEN!

We hate to break it to you, but a boss is ultimately only as good as the team he or she runs.

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Copywriting 101: Out of Ideas? Just Start Writing

Writing works a little differently for a business professional than it does an artist.

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