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Tips for Finding a Content Agency

tips for finding a content agency

Finding a content agency is easy enough, but finding the right content agency is a whole lot tougher. How do you know you’ve found an agency that’s the best solution for you? You can’t really know until after you’ve started to work with them, but here are some tips to help you find an agency you should even consider:


Working with someone new is no problem—but they shouldn’t be completely green when it comes to what you are looking for. They need some kind of practical experience in not just creating content, but creating the kind of content you need (white papers or articles for SEO purposes, for example). And it helps a lot if they have experience in your industry, vertical, or something related. If the agency doesn’t have this kind of experience, they may not be able to deliver the results you are looking for, may not be able to work in an efficient manner, or may not be able to deliver it all.


Did you ever hear the expression about a jack-of-all-trades being a master of none? There are agencies that do it all and do it well—content, social, advertising, SEO, web development, app development, and more—usually because they have large teams or partnerships with people specializing in different areas. For the most part though, you should find someone that has expertise in content. If you really look, there may be agencies that specialize in the kind of content you need, and some may even specialize in writing for your industry.


You may not need to get direct references for every content agency you consider, but they should have clients they’ve worked with, or still work with, and have done good work for. And you should be able to see samples of this work from their client portfolio upon request. Unless the agency is only about ghostwriting, you probably should be able to speak to a current or former client as well.


If you are working with an agency, it should be a legal, licensed entity. There should be a website, mailing addresses, and email addresses that don’t end in “” A new agency that is still getting their ducks in a row could do a good enough job, but they could also take your retainer and run with it, leaving you with no recourse.


There are agencies at every price point, and you shouldn’t work with incredibly high or low prices for what they deliver. An agency that is too inexpensive is probably too good to be true—even if their first post for you is perfect, that doesn’t mean they won’t skimp on editing or turn to less accurate (and lower paid) writers or artists to fulfill the rest of your order. An agency that is pricier than others with their experience, expertise, and quality might not really be worth more money than their more affordably priced competition—you may be paying a premium just to work with a well-known name.


Can you get a hold of your point of contact? Will you be able to reach the people actually creating your content, or will you always have to deal with a middleman? Do they have easily accessed information? When they send you documentation, does it make sense? If you are finding a content agency too hard to communicate with or confusing, you might want to pass.


It shouldn’t feel like your agency is holding anything back from you, particularly in terms of personnel and payments. They should also be able tell you who was working on your projects if you ask. You should be able to know how much you are paying and what you’re paying for. If an agency is secretive on this stuff, you should wonder about what else they’re hiding.


Of course, these are just some of the things to look for—good vibes should probably end up on this list too. And if you think you are done when it comes to finding a content agency and want to work with Team Impressa, congrats! Get started with us and save some money by taking advantage of one of our blogging packages.

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