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Three SEO Myths that Need to Die


It's 2016. Out with the old and in with the new. It's probably high time to ditch the things that aren't working for your business, and when it comes to your marketing, SEO myths are pretty brutal. Believing misinformation and old news could be counterproductive, blocking your efforts, and sinking you in the search results. 

We've rolled out a handy dandy download on the SEO myths you need to ditch in 2016 to help you sort fact from fiction. And here are three of those myths that really need to die ASAP.

1. Keywords need to be an exact match.

No. They really really don't. Google has gotten pretty dang smart, and now hates it when you over optimize. Why? Because a bunch of repetitive text is boring as all get out for readers, which creates a cruddy experience.

2. The more pages, the better.

Nope. If the quality of the pages is poor, those extra pages could maybe even hurt. Also, there's the chance that not everything you publish will be indexed, and the things you publish may not stay indexed.

3. SEO is all about the first page.

Actually, some folks have found that being at the top of a page is what's really important. While page one rankings will get more clicks, you get quite the boost being on the top three of any given page. Not too bad, huh?


Want to know the other SEO info you need to forget? Download our doc.

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