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The Skinny on Ghost Blogging


Oh, the ghostwriter. He’s made a name for himself. Actually no he hasn’t, but he has for his employer in the form of presidential speeches, best-selling books, and influential marketing material. Ghost blogging does essentially the same thing, but with a healthy dose of digital exposure!  

Content for web marketing is in high-demand, people! Don’t forget the added pressure to pump out consistent work, and voila, high quality articles appear in ample quantity. Simple enough right? If you’re a marketing whiz with 30 hours in a day, yes. But if you don’t have the skills or the time, not so much. 

Not to worry. Cue ghost blogging!

Do you have really really good ideas but lack writing skills? Are you what they called “technologically declined”? Maybe you do have the time but are missing that punch to your pieces. All of these, and more, are reasons you should strongly consider outsourcing to a ghost blogger.

Different Types of Ghost Blogging

The way we see it, there are three different types of ways to approach a deal between you and a ghost blogger.  

  1. Use your ideas and your words.
  2. Use your ideas and their words.
  3. Use their ideas and their words.

We would suggest opening doors number one or two as solid jumping off points. Although you may not be contributing to the writing process, your input and ideas are essential to create an engaging online presence. In our e-book (see the button below), we talk about some outsourcing options and broke down how one goes about selecting an outsourcer to blog on your behalf. Every factor to consider when outsourcing is extra important when selecting who will write the articles with your name tacked on them.

 So Why Ghost Blogging?

Lots of coaches, consultants, and business owners have more on their plate than they can handle. Hiring a ghost blogger helps lighten that load while still keeping up company morale. A booming blog means more social followers, more customers, and more revenue. See how that works? 

Furthermore, while no one knows your business better than you, to eat, sleep, and breathe your work can cause blinders or bias. A ghostwriter can contribute some new perspective while still keeping in line with your values.

Take our solid pointers into consideration when making your big decision on outsourcing. Either way, ghost blogger or human blogger (see what I did there?!), you will enjoy better SEO benefits, tighter content, and happy readers! So snag our FREE ebook and get started!

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