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Our Content Marketing Agency & The Accidental Blog Experiment


As an inbound marketing agency--specifically a content marketing agency--we put a big emphasis on blogging. Slinging content out there is incredibly beneficial, but we did a little experiment. Not on purpose, though. 

Things got a bit busy for Team Impressa over the past month or so. It was nothing too nutty, but the folks who normally produce posts for the blog were a bit bogged down. Creating this kind of content got put on the back burner, and we went from blogging twice (or more!) per week to only putting out two posts so far for all of June--before this one went live. This is definitely against best practices; we'd totally tell a client that this is bad news. 

So what happened?

Our traffic cratered.

Yikes! Our traffic is down over 36% from last month. If we compare things to April, it get's even worse--we were coming off of March where we were putting up three posts each week.

Inbound leads took a dive. 

We generated around 33% fewer leads so far in June than the same time in May. 

New customers stalled. 

We only generated one completely new contract this month.

Our keyword rankings stayed stagnant.

I expected to see a big decline in words we were ranking for and where we were in those rankings. We're now ranking for a couple more keywords, and with those that were there before, some went up and some went down. Nothing too traumatic here.

We learned something. 

When we tell folks that they need to put out at least one blog post per week, we meant it. That wasn't something we arbitrarily decided, but it was a recommendation based on what others had observed by monitoring their blog, traffic, and other analytics. But now, we got to see it with our own eyes on our own blog. And we didn't like it.

Our biggest takeaway is that regular, ongoing blogging is indeed essential. I stick by one post per week being the bare minimum, but I think six per month would be better--and multiple posts each week would be more ideal. And of course, these need to be high value, quality posts with a good call-to-action tacked on to the end. 

And even though we've already been encouraging folks to outsource blogging duties to a content marketing agency like ours if that many weekly posts isn't doable, I may need to do essentially the same thing for me. It may be time for more members of Team Impressa to hop on the blog and share their expertise. Lucky you!


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