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Life Coach Tips & Tricks: 4 Ways to Broaden Your Reach

Marketing your life coaching business is both a challenge and a joy. The challenge comes in figuring out what to do and how to do it, while the joy comes on strong after you’ve done the job right and earned the trust of new clients. 

The process of figuring out your perfect approach has as much to do with who you are and the clients you’ll represent as it does any classic business approach. But even though there’s no single way to market your life coaching that is guaranteed to work every time, in every setting, there are some things you can do that will broaden the scope and reach of your marketing efforts. 

Consider integrating the following four methods into your life coach marketing approach:

1. Use Different Modalities

All of us work best a certain way. As a marketer, that can dictate how you choose to reach out to potential future clients. By learning new methods of outreach, you can appeal to many different kinds of people in the ways that work best for them. Visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic: your favorite modality is but a piece of the larger life coach marketing puzzle.

2. Develop Audience Personas

The easiest way to promote yourself to outside groups of people is to give them specific personalities to which your marketing efforts can appeal. That doesn’t mean stereotyping or pigeonholing: rather, developing audience personas is about empathizing with people you don’t know and trying to speak to them on their terms, in ways they’ll respond to and appreciate.

3. Know the Buyer’s Journey

Every time a person makes a purchase or signs up for a service, they go through a three-step process that determines whether or not they pull the trigger. It might go fast or it might go slow, but recognizing where your potential client is in their Buyer’s Journey will help you determine how to market to that person specifically, which will ultimately play a role in how successful your efforts will be.

4. Repurpose Content to Suit Your Audience

Your marketing approach is going to be content-heavy, but that doesn’t mean you’ll only use each piece of content once. The far better plan of attack is to reuse content across multiple media to suit many different potential clients with many different personalities. In a sense, this final point blends the previous three, and in doing so helps you get more out of each piece of content you create. 

The goal here is expanding your life coach marketing to appeal to as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible. You can’t expect to always be 100% successful in your marketing efforts, but by mixing it up and broadening your reach, you can be more successful, more often.

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