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If You are a Cruddy Writer, Ghost Blogging is the Answer


Not everyone has a way with words, particularly when those words are written. I'm not about to call anybody out here, but many of the life coaches, business coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs we provide ghost blogging for aren't excellent writers. They needed to put their best foot forward for their personal brands in their blogs, and turning to a ghostwriter let them do just that.

The struggle is real

For many coaches and consultants, you are your business. Even if you have assistants, bookkeepers, and other support staff, the core of your offering comes down to you. For the most part, you are your product, best PR rep, and main marketing vehicle. The more clients you have, the more precious your time is, leaving fewer and fewer hours for initiatives like blogging.

If you struggle with writing, whipping up blog posts can be agonizing, and a single short post could eat up hours. And there's a good chance that when you're done with your post, it may still be less than perfect, not exactly putting your best foot forward. Tapping someone to ghost blog on your behalf would free up a lot of time to let you focus on things you can't outsource and tasks that directly bring in income. The hours you now freed up for working with clients and getting paid will hopefully cover the cost of your new blogger.

Want to hear a scary story?

Even if you don't spend hours struggling through each post, if you don't write well, your time may be better spent doing something that directly makes you money. Why? Well, for starters, your poorly done posts may actually scare off some clients. 

Poor grammar, typos, inconsistent choices, muddled meanings, low value content, and other hallmarks of a not-so-good post can make you look not-so-professional. It may also look like you don't care terribly much about your message, which is unfortunate, as your message is quite essential to your appeal and your business. Your posts could be straight up scaring off clients.

How much is a client worth to you over the cost of a year? Maybe that should be your minimum spend on a ghost blogger. 

Welcome to procrastination station


One of the biggest issues I've seen among many personal branding clients is procrastination. Some of these folks are great writers, and they love to do it, but only when the mood is right. They will procrastinate and find every other task to do to avoid doing work on their blog. And then, because they only go in fits in spurts, their blog posts slow to a trickle and then stop altogether. Then six months later a deluge of posts may come pouring down the pipeline only to stop again after a few short weeks. This is awful for building your brand, boosting SEO, and establishing trust and rapport.

When writing is something that's difficult to do, this procrastination amplifies. Nothing gets done. The blog may as well be non-existent. What could have been a great tool for attracting new clients and solidifying existing relationships pretty much just goes to waste. Any benefits the blog built up can start to atrophy, and much previous effort may go bye-bye. As procrastination starts to kick in, tapping a ghost blogger could help you retain the headway you've made.

Getting that ghost blogger

Of course, even if I've sold you on the idea of retaining a writer to bring your blog to life, you still have to find the right writer. This person needs to be able to effectively write as you. I've written a recent post about how to outsource your blog to the right ghostwriter, and you can find that post here: Seriously, you should give that a read.


Hiring the "write" kind of writer is important. This Ultimate Guide to Ghost Blogging can help find the one who can write as you while maintaining your unique brand voice.  

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