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How to Outsource Your Blog to Team Impressa (Or Any Agency, Actually)


The decision whether or not to outsource your blog can be taken relatively lightly. This is not the case when it comes to selecting who you will outsource blogging duties to.

I can completely empathize with the idea that seeing the posts written and published is better than nothing at all. In a very reductive sense, your SEO will be better for pushing out something (hopefully with a keyword) as opposed to nothing. But having quality content from a blogger who knows and understands you, your target audience, and your business is actually far better for SEO, the people you're actually trying to connect with, your brand, and your goals. This means picking the right agency or individual to outsource your blog to makes a big difference.

And for some, the right choice for blog outsourcing is Team Impressa. For others it's another solution. Regardless, when you find the a source for blog content that you think will be the bee's knees, you need to know how to get them on board to be your blogger. What's the best way to do this?

Actually outsource your blog

You want to make sure you've found a blogger who has a style you like and is easy to work with. And you want to ascertain this before you've invested too much time getting them up to speed on your plans and goals, what your business does, who your brand is, and all of the other important things needed to create awesome posts on your behalf.  So you want them to do just one or two test posts first.

You've lost us right there. Why?

Most "test posts" end up being one and done engagements. 

Sometimes this is because we're not the best fit. But most of the time it's something else, including the client not actually needing more than one blog post or lacking the budget for more than one blog post. Of course, there are times we don't know what the problem is, as we've gotten ghosted by several folks as soon as they received their final draft. It shouldn't be surprising that we don't trust the "test post" to really be a test to ongoing work, especially when...

We lose money if it's just one or two posts.

While it varies from engagement to engagement, we usually need at least four post to break even. This is because even after the entire sales process there are hours and hours of fun to be had getting your writer up to speed and entering your information into all of our systems. Onboarding a new client is involved, which is why a bundle of four posts or a one-month trial retainer is the smallest trial we'll do. 

Don't think blogging is magic


I've come up silent on many exploratory calls when a lead asks me about the results to expect from the blog posts. "So how much new traffic can your posts get me? Can we get to 5,000 or 10,000 a month?"

These are (almost always) the same potential clients who don't have a marketing plan, SEO strategy, promotional strategy, social media presence, or anything else marketing-related set up at all. And they don't want us to do those things for them either, and they don't intend on hiring anyone else. They've heard about the power of blogging, and if our posts can't just instantly take their web traffic from zero to five figures, it's because we are an amateur operation. They know that if you put out really good content, folks will just show up; it will go viral on it's own. *facepalm*

If you want to work with us, you don't need to know all of the inbound awesomeness that helps blogging pay off big time. But you do need to understand that blogging isn't a magic bullet that will solve all of your marketing woes. And you need to listen and be receptive when we try to help.

Pay a deposit

Yep. We ask for deposits from old and new clients alike. When it comes to bundled posts, we probably will ask for half up front. If it's your retainer, we bill you for that each month, quarter, or other increment before we get down to business. 

We do this because our agency and other marketers and creatives the world over have been stiffed by clients, and if you don't pay, it's not like we can reposes the work or write it off on our taxes. Also, some clients are optimists who may not have the money now, but they "know" that they will have it by the time the work is done... and then they don't. 

We also do this because Team Impressa needs to get paid. By having the deposit in hand, I can assure the folks who whip up your blog posts and the support staff that help make things happen that they will get paid no matter what. 

Set some goals


Why are you blogging anyway?

Before you outsource your blog to us, get clear on what you want to accomplish. Lay some SMART goals out. Take a look to see if blogging really is going to be "all that" for you, or if there's something else you need to do to supplement your blogging.

Having that sorted helps us greatly. When we know what we are actually working toward, we can create blog content that will perform better for you and make more sense for your strategy. You will be pleased with the enhanced performance, and we will be happy that you are happy. Sure, a brilliant post is certainly clever regardless, but who really cares if it's not accomplishing anything for you?! 

Of course, if you don't have goals yet, that's okay too. But be up front about this and talk to us. We are happy to help you line up a strategy that will get your traffic numbers moving in the right direction. 

Be in the wheelhouse

We don't work with just anyone. Team Impressa has a few areas of specialization, and most other agencies do too!

Our team is best equipped to provide content for uniqu tech companies, fun or funky e-commerce businesses, and consultancies and personal brands (business consultants, entrepreneurs,  life coaches, mentors, authors, speakers, and even other marketers). And sure we may do well if we tiptoed outside of this area, but we could also blow it too--so we'd really rather not. So if you think you fit the bill for those we do brilliant blogging for, reach out. We'd love to chat. If not, good luck on your search. The right writer for you is out there!


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