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Don’t Do It: 5 Signs a Trend Is Past Its Prime


We are still in the running to put on our Social Twerkshop—did you vote yet?—and social media, trends, and content are still very much on my mind. I was rapping with a colleague about when it’s too late to hop on a trend.

With our twerkshop, the idea is that you want to get on a trend early on, but some folks are slow to get to the party. If a trend is overexposed or on the decline, getting on board could make your brand look less-than-savvy, and that’s putting it nicely. So how do you know the trend you want to latch onto is stale?

1. The News

If the local anchors are on the beat, you missed the boat. Your clients and customers definitely already know about the trend, as now does your 95-year-old grandmother and your kindergarten-aged cousin. National news is even worse: if national anchors are covering memes, suspect there are national and international tragedies and travesties the media is skirting around. It’s not just a slow news day.

2. TV shows

News programs are still sometimes being put together as the show is already airing, but other programs are written up and recorded usually several weeks before they air. The writers of the show spotted the trend early and hopped on, hoping the show would go on before the trend peaked.

3. Store shelves

If there is merchandise available that riffs on (or rips off) a social trend, it’s too late.

4. Your mom’s Facebook

Unless your mom (or dad) is a social media maven or a marketing genius, there is a good chance any social trend they hop on is a bit overexposed…or over-the-hill.

5. Boredom

If you are bored with a social trend or feel “over it,” then other people are in the same situation. Trust your instincts on this one.


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