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Don't Be Too Proud: 4 Reasons to Have a Website Content Audit


Website creation and development may not be your personal brand’s business, but you need a website to market and grow your brand effectively. It will be your online representation, your base of operations, and an avenue for potential customers and clients to find and connect with your brand. 

You can make it yourself, sure; and if you did, you should be proud of it and think it's great. But ask yourself this question: is it actually great? 

Or, put another way: is it the best it could possibly be?

Think about that question for a little while, and you’ll realize the answer is almost certainly “no.” You didn’t do anything wrong, but you will always have trouble looking at things you create yourself with a clear, judgmental eye.  

Don’t worry, it’s not just you: everyone who ever made a piece of content, let alone a website, has this problem. That’s why our free website content audit exists! A quality audit (from us or anyone else) will take a look at what you’ve done and show you where you might find room for improvement.


1. Clarity

You know what you’re trying to say, but do you know how to say it best? Probably not. And even if you do, you’ve probably got better things to do than slave over posts until they’re absolutely perfect, which can cause problems down the line if and when you turn something loose that’s not quite ready.

2. Relevance

How can you be totally sure everything on your website is necessary and important? Is your website always useful and on-point? Is there weird stuff hanging out that shouldn't be there? Or could it be more refined, at the very least? You might see a point as obvious, or know exactly what a given post is talking about, but that doesn’t mean everybody else agrees.

3. Quality

Your website content should always be error-free and designed to put your brand’s best face forward. You might not see all the problems, but a content auditor will. This goes for everything from punctuation to word choice to grammar to images: does everything look right, and read well? And, what's more, are there any glaring mistakes you neither know about nor how to fix?

4. Potential for Updates

When you do it right, your business is constantly growing, changing, and expanding. As such, it can be difficult for your website to keep pace with every new development. A content audit, among other things, will reveal outdated areas across your website , which you can then revise or delete as necessary to stay on top of things.


Maybe you can see the faults for what they are, and know exactly how to correct them. Even so, you should still open up your website to our free audit. There’s no downside, really, and by letting a professional content marketing agency take a look at things, your personal brand will come across more focused and more clearly, with higher quality content that contains more recent information than it did before. Those are wins across the board.

Speaking of content, we have a free Content Story Organizer that can help you map out the hole-free content journey for your all your content themes. Tap the image below to download the superb worksheet.

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