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Does Your Startup Need a Ghost Blogger?


To cut to the chase: probably.

Unless your startup has a very robust team, creating consistently high quality blog posts on a regular basis will be a tall order. Yes, you all probably do wear many hats, but there are only so many you can wear at once and still do a good job. This is why hiring people to help out with various tasks, including grabbing a ghost blogger, can be helpful as all get out.

Ghost bloggers are best when...

ghost_blogger_ceo.jpgA ghost blogger is the bee's knees if the blog posts are supposed to be coming from the CEO or other senior leaders.

These folks are normally busy as can be, and taking the time out to write a post can be impossible. Sure, maybe they can find the time to turn one out here or there, but putting up one new post a month (or every other month) just isn't enough. 

Additionally, these folks need to look like experts and thought leaders. If they aren't skilled writers, these leaders suddenly look like less competent, less professional versions of themselves. Typos and clunky sentences can really undermine someone's credibility. Bringing in someone to write as these folks can help save face and maybe even be even more impressive.

A ghost blogger is also awesome if...

If your blog is written by the brand, a ghost blogger can help to keep things cohesive. Your brand should have a voice and style, and this should come through in each and every blog post. Your corporate person has a way about them, and this is something not just anyone can nail. 

Writing for a brand is like writing for a person, and not just any ghostwriter can pull off creating content in someone else's voice and style. For many writers, everything they produce sounds like themselves no matter what they do! This can be off putting for readers, but it gets problematic when you have several folks writing as the brand and all of them sound different, and there may be several different points of view represented. The biggest issue with this is that it undermines your brand's existing identity and will make people question who your brand is and what it's really all about. Oh, and it looks really sloppy and unprofessional--get it together!

But you don't need one if...

If your content is more or less generic--business updates, product news, general tips and tricks, and other milquetoast posts--it doesn't matter who writes it. These posts lack personality, so unless a blogger decides to try to get fancy, these posts will all generally sound the same anyway. But, this is a crappy strategy!

No one wants to read low value, company-focused content like that. It's easy to produce, so you could possibly boost your SEO by turning this sort of thing out, but you could also hurt it when people quickly navigate away from your site because they don't want to read what you've written. This is a poor approach to blogging, so you may want to rethink your content strategy and go back to the drawing board.

What now?

You may want to start thinking about hiring a ghost blogger. 

While this totally is something that Team Impressa can help you out with, you need to find a blogger that is a perfect fit for you and your needs. And to help you find the right blogger for you, we just happen to have a helpful ebook you can download for FREE:

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