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Content Marketing for Life Coaches 101: Repurposing Blog Posts



When it comes to marketing for life coaches, most coaches have content creation down. Beyond down. Most life coaches are prolific.  And while I've previously written about how this is in video form for many coaches, lots of coaches blog like nobody's business. But blog posts won't work for everyone at every stage in their journey, and creating fresh content to reach all of these folks can be time consuming or costly. Repurposing blog content could be the solution.But how do you do that?

I go into this in more detail in my recent ebook, but there are many ways to repurpose blog posts to get more mileage out of them. As with almost any other content, you can break them down or build them up. 

Break it down

Blog posts are normally pretty bite-sized already, with the exception of the high value super post here or there. But you can still make them into smaller segments to appeal to your potential clients or keep up communications with those who currently work with you.

  • Social media messages can be whipped up using most notable quotes in your post. Just be sure to link back to the content.
  • Some posts could really benefit from better visual representation. Consider getting an infographic, comic, or other artistic tidbit made.
  • Videos could be made with you riffing off of the parts of the post you feel to be most impactful. Or you could just pick the parts you have the most thoughts about.

Build it up

When you build up and repurpose content, you have just a little more work to do. You can't just slap a bunch of blog posts together and call it a day.

You will normally be expanding upon ideas in a thoughtful manner. Or you are crafting connections to make the pieces you're repurposing sync up. This still takes far less time than working from scratch, but some work does indeed need to be done. 

  • Ebooks and regular books can be made with blog posts. You'll need to curate a collection, create some connecting material, and maybe even tweak some posts, but you've got this. Pick a theme and bring together everything you have around the idea to get started.
  • Video is another option. Instead of just riffing off of a tip, delve in deep and present some detailed insight into the topic.
  • Podcasts are popular as all get out, and a popular blog topic is good fodder. Prep supporting materials from other posts on the same topic. 

Of course, there's not one right way to do it. It all depends on you, your message, your content, your goals, and, most importantly, your audience! To learn more about repurposing your content so that it reaches more people and resonates with them, check out my latest ebook!

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