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Content Is King (When It's Well-Made)

Content Is King

If you’ve been involved with the digital content development industry for any appreciable amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Content is King.” Though not the mantra it once was, it still serves as a guiding principle. The word “content”, after all, is right there in the industry’s name, and the combination of the Internet’s ever-changing nature with the process of online business development produces an insatiable need for it.

But here’s the catch: all that new content produced day after day, hour upon hour, only helps your business if it is also well-made. Content produced for the sake of having content, if it looks like garbage and doesn’t provide a service to customers, can ultimately work against your business’ long-term goals.

Certainly we’re not advising you to write a novel for every piece of content you produce, nor to try to be everything to everyone. But if you invest in your content development resources to the point that you rank well and people find your pages, it behooves you to ensure that once people land on your page the page itself serves its intended purpose.

Content Is KingHow to do this, exactly? Here are four things to shoot for in every piece of content you develop:

  1. Value to the customer – if they don’t find any, they won’t be back
  2. Originality – don’t steal or plagiarize, ever
  3. Search Engine Optimization – your pages need to find those looking for them
  4. Promised service provided – no bait-and-switch, no covert ops

If you’re not sure how to accomplish any of the above for your business, consider bringing in content development professionals like us to sort that out for you. We know that there must be value to content beyond search engine appeal, and we know how to find it.

There’s too much competition in the digital space to let the web pages that speak for your business say nothing once they’re found. Improve your company’s digital voice, and improve your company’s ability to find and serve its customers. “Content is King,” sure, but when it looks bad, so does your business.

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