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Coaches: 5 Reasons Why Research Is Your Best Friend


It’s always there for you, can answer virtually any question, and if you look in the right place, it can even help your business grow. We’re talking about your BFF: research, of course! As long as you have an internet connection and the will to learn, research done the right way can lead to a lifelong friendship.

 We’ve rounded up a few reasons why research is especially kind to life coaches:

1. Get to know your audience

Part of the life coach life is getting to know clients on an intimate level. But to get people to start booking your services months in advance, you should know exactly the type of person you want to target. Research can open your eyes to all types of different people who might seek your services the most. 

This is super important if any marketing will be going on--either things you do or activities done on your behalf. If you plan to outsource blog writing, for instance, either you or your ghostwriter needs to dig in and find out who the audience really is.

2. Optimize

Research and optimization are so close, they might as well have friendship bracelets. You could be the world’s best life coach, but if no one can find you online, it won’t matter. Discover and utilize tools that can help you rank high in search engines. And even if you aren't the one handling SEO, your optimization pro's research is indeed your friend. 

3. Discover the competition

Don't be intimidated by the most popular blog or highest social sharing stats.  Scoping out the competition is an important step to become the best version of a life coach you can be. You may not be vying for their clients, but you can learn from them.

4. Tell a story

Research should intertwine and reflect similar values in one form or another. Use what's happened in the past and present it to tell an interesting story about what you can offer in the future. This is helpful in your coaching practice and in any content you put out.

5. Become an expert

You’re probably an expert on the services you offer, but maybe not so much on what to do next. With the help of research, you'll learn how to listen, produce quality content, and maintain healthy relationships for life. 


Research gives you a leg up when it comes to being a successful life coach. But it's just one more thing on your plate. While we are big on suggesting that you outsource blog writing and other content creation efforts, you may want to get someone to take on research for you as well. So don’t sweat it if you don’t have the time or the resources, that’s why we wrote a free ebook on blog outsourcing! Check it out--the tips in there can also come in handy when it comes to hiring researchers and SEOs as well!

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