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Can a Ghost Blogger Fill Your Shoes?

ghost_blogger_cat_in_shoe.jpgSuper mega yes! A ghost blogger definitely can fill your shoes--I don't like to beat around the bush! But...

Isn't there always a but?

The caveat here is that not just any ghost blogger will do. On top of that, you have to be the right kind of client to make that engagement a success. So, what the heck do I mean by this?

Your ghost blogger needs to be:


Able to write like you

Your engagement will flounder and fail if your ghost blogger can't effectively write as you. They need to be able to use the language you use in the way you'd use it. Plus they have to express your opinions, viewpoint, and overall vibe in those blog posts. And this is even more important if you've already been blogging or your audience has an idea of how you write and/or speak. Any inconsistently here will make you look less professional and less honest and transparent, which will totally undermine your credibility.

Pro tip: Writers with a creative writing background can often pull off being you way better than most other bloggers.


You most likely are blogging for marketing purposes--to attract visitors and turn them into leads. But to attract visitors effectively, some SEO action needs to be part of the big picture. Not all talented writers for marketing are hip to SEO, but the ones that know how to use keywords effectively and set your post up for search success will help you get your money's worth.


A ghost blogger may handle "winging it" for certain industries and verticals, but if you have anything technical, specialized, complex, or super you-centric, you need a writer who is in-the-know. Otherwise they will make you sound like you aren't very wise to your industry or niche, and you will risk coming across as amateurish

If they are out of their depth in the topic, readers will catch on quickly if you don't step in and supervise revisions (or make them yourself). And you better be sure those revisions happen--your reputation is on the line. 


Ghost bloggers who are worth their wages surely have other things going on and other clients, but whomever you hire needs to have enough time for you. They should be able to dedicate time to phone chats, Q&A sessions, reviewing your previous content, ideation sessions, and more as necessary. If they can't be available to get to know you a bit, especially at the onset of the engagement, it will show in the writing that they are not you and don't even know you. How inauthentic is that!

You need to be:



Your ghost blogger doesn't have a chance to write authentically as you if they don't have access to you. If they want to talk, ask you questions, or get your feedback, be there for them. You can't leave them on their own and expect them to churn out killer content believably as you.


The ghostwriter for your blog is not you. They can't make every choice exactly as you would, especially when just starting out! Expect to have to provide feedback and go through several rounds of drafts to nail everything for the first few posts, and then know that you will still be called upon to provide feedback on guidance going forward. 

And remember that writing takes time. Even if the writer takes an hour to turn out a draft, he or she will need to do edits and revisions, which usually works best if a writer can take a little time on the manuscript. Plus, he or she has other clients! Don't expect tight deadlines or lightening fast turnarounds, even on short posts. My suggestion is to set up an editorial calendar to plan in advance, set expectations, and make things smooth sailing. 


For someone to write like you, they need to know you. Don't hold back, but have them sign a non-disclosure first! Give them previous writing and be down for chats as-needed. But let loose a bit when you talk with them--even random asides and personal ramblings can help your ghostwriter learn how to best represent you through text. 


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