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Are Blogging Packages Better Than Paying Per Post?


As you get down into the nitty-gritty of developing a new content marketing strategy, you might find that you simply don’t have the time, nor the resources, to write your new blog yourself. Rest assured, this is fine, and something numerous small businesses, startups, authors, and life coaches have similarly discovered. It’s nothing to worry about, and simply means it’s time to look into outsourcing blog posts.

The outsourcing process can be a source of consternation and worry if you let it, but such hand-wringing isn’t necessary. So long as you can give clear instructions detailing what you want your blog to cover, maintain creative control, and double-check everything before each post goes live, you’ll find that your outsourced blog can be everything you want it to be, and more. 

But first things first: you’ve got to pay the writer(s), and you’ve got to figure out how to do that. There are two options here:

1) Pay by Post - in this arrangement you’ll pay the writer for each individual post they make for you, most likely either billed hourly or by the word.

2) Blogging Packages - in this arrangement, you’ll be charged an upfront fee for a set number of posts delivered over a set priod of time (usually monthly).

So which is better? At Impressa Solutions, we definitely prefer the second option. Not just because it’s great for us, but because it’s great for our clients, too. 

blogging_package_small.jpgWhy Blogging Packages are Great for Content Creators

With a blogging package, clients can make longer-term plans based around a cohesive strategy. They can spend time working with their ghost bloggers on finding targets, and later researching keywords, so that the blog can be part of a more comprehensive content approach aimed at specific traffic and/or engagement goals. Clients provide a greater deal of security for their writers here, as well, in that the bloggers will be able to map out a plan, set up a content calendar, and takes posts one at a time as individual pieces of a larger whole. 

And this way clients can also be sure their writers won’t be padding out content or wasting time, as there’s really no reason to do that whatsoever: with the writers not having to worry about making enough on each individual piece, that impulse goes away entirely.

Why Blogging Packages are Great for Clients

For starters, clients receive a better rate and more efficient production when they pay up front as part of a package deal, as opposed to by the post. They also are able to make better, more focused strategic plans elsewhere in their content marketing strategy when they know exactly how many blogs they can expect to be delivered, when they’ll arrive, and what they’ll be about.

Thinking more broadly, clients that pay for a package have every right to expect more from the bloggers they use: that means better writing, greater focus, and more of a partnership in the production of excellent content that well represents the business, startup, life coach, etc. The writers shouldn’t be delivering puffy, nonessential content, but only what a client asks for, exactly how they ask for it.

In short: nobody gets what they want when clients pay their bloggers by the post. For the writers, a packaged deal means enjoying freedom, security, and a set plan of attack; for clients, it means counting on better writing and a more cohesive content marketing approach, while also receiving more value for their time and money. It really is a win-win for everybody concerned.

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