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Authors: If You Outsource Blog Posts, Watch Out!


Blogging is a brilliant way for authors (of all genres) to attract new fans, connect with existing readers, and keep enthusiastic followers abreast of upcoming events and exciting news. But many authors don't actually have time to blog for themselves, so they outsource their blog posts to a ghostwriter. Generally speaking, this is a brilliant idea, but it can go awry. 

Team Impressa has ghostwritten for a lot of folks, and some of them came to us after having less-than-awesome experiences with other writers. Their horror stories have helped us to define how we offer these services, outline our own best practices, and deliver great content and an enjoyable engagement for those who work with us. But not everyone has been around the block yet. So, if you outsource blogging at present or are considering doing it in the near future, you need to keep your guard up.

There are many bloggers who may be champing at the bit to write for you, but they may not have what it takes. They could be brilliant bloggers, but ghostwriting for someone is a different animal.

Writing convincingly as someone else isn't so simple. The ghostwriter who you outsource blogging to needs to know you, your writing, and your opinions and philosophies intimately well. They need to have spent some serious time reading your previous work, chatting with you, or both to learn your common expressions, cadence, and other signatures of how you write and speak. These should be added to the style guide they have for you. And yes, they should have a style guide, as it could be embarrassing if they choose spelling conventions, punctuation styles, and other grammatical elements that run contrary to what you actually use. 

Additionally, you and your writer should have a certain level of rapport and trust. You may need to tell them things that are confidential so they truly understand the matters you are having them blog about. And while it's no secret that many folks--including authors!--utilize ghostwriters, you may want to keep that confidential. If that is the case, make sure your writer knows the nature of their work for you should not be disclosed, and you may want them to sign an NDA.

So, yes, having someone blog for you could be just the ticket! But they need to actually be able to blog as you--in your voice, in your style--without spilling the beans.

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