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The Skinny on Ghost Blogging

Oh, the ghostwriter. He’s made a name for himself. Actually no he hasn’t, but he has for his employer in the form of presidential speeches, best-selling books, and influential marketing material. Ghost blogging does essentially the same thing, but with a healthy dose of digital exposure!  

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Coaches: 5 Reasons Why Research Is Your Best Friend

It’s always there for you, can answer virtually any question, and if you look in the right place, it can even help your business grow. We’re talking about your BFF: research, of course! As long as you have an internet connection and the will to learn, research done the right way can lead to a lifelong friendship.

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Bring Home Some Quality Copy and Slay Keyword Spam

Once upon a time, keywords ruled the copy kingdom. King Google was known to change his algorithm often, so keywords' five minutes quickly came and went. Now, the only way to gain loyal followers and a royal reputation is to have quality copy.

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Are You Guilty of Keyword Spam?

The first step on the road to success is admitting when you’ve done something wrong. Bombarding your clients and potential customers with unpleasant repetition falls under that category. But don’t beat yourself up if you’re guilty, we’re here to help!

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5 Ways Life Coaches Can Use Content to Build Healthy Relationships

We take our hats off to life coaches, motivational speakers, and mentors. They do a noble thing for others day-in and day-out. Not many others can say that they aim to increase the potential of their clients through empathy and understanding. They should really be called relationship experts, because that’s what they are, isn’t it? The life coach dream is to create hallmarks of healthy relationships, and we have some tips on how to achieve that dream through content!

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