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Don't Create Business Marketing Material First

We've met many a potential client who put the cart before the horse. They needed to further refine their brand, create a marketing plan, and do up all new business marketing material--think brochures, spec sheets, and anything else you'd put in a media kit or hand to potential customers hanging out around your trade show booth. And they wanted these marketing materials to be done before everything else, which is a horrible approach.

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Are You Planning Too Many Posts for Your Blog?

While some search engine optimizers will emphatically say that there is no such thing as "too many posts," I beg to differ. I wrote a whole post about too many posts a few months ago because I very much think that there very much is a thing as too many, and yes, they can do some damage. 

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Copywriting 101: The Top Tip from Team Impressa

We haven't dished any copywriting 101 tips for a bit, so I figured it's time to divulge what I think could be the best tip Team Impressa has. 

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How to Outsource Your Blog to Team Impressa (Or Any Agency, Actually)

The decision whether or not to outsource your blog can be taken relatively lightly. This is not the case when it comes to selecting who you will outsource blogging duties to.

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Our Content Marketing Agency & The Accidental Blog Experiment

As an inbound marketing agency--specifically a content marketing agency--we put a big emphasis on blogging. Slinging content out there is incredibly beneficial, but we did a little experiment. Not on purpose, though. 

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Creating a Potential Customer Profile for Coaching Clients

When you're marketing your life coaching business, it's important to be sure the messages are tailored to those who are most likely to be your customers. This gives you a better chance that the messages you're putting out will resonate with those who are most likely to want to work with you. It will also attract those you want to work with, which might be even more important. To do this, you need to start by building your potential customer profile.

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How to Outsource Your Blog and Save Money

 When it comes to hiring a blogger for your brand or business,  budget may be an issue. You want top tier content from a competent writer to represent you well, not do anything dodgy, and create compelling, high value posts to bring in business and keep current clientele engaged. But top tier content generally comes from top tier writers at a corresponding price point. You need to figure out how to outsource your blog while saving money.

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Content Marketing for Life Coaches 101: Repurposing Blog Posts


When it comes to marketing for life coaches, most coaches have content creation down. Beyond down. Most life coaches are prolific.  And while I've previously written about how this is in video form for many coaches, lots of coaches blog like nobody's business. But blog posts won't work for everyone at every stage in their journey, and creating fresh content to reach all of these folks can be time consuming or costly. Repurposing blog content could be the solution.

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Content Marketing for Life Coaches 101: Repurposing Video

One of my friends is a life coach, and chatting with her has given me great insight into the marketing challenges those in the personal development industry face. It was during a brief back and forth with her via email that I realized all of the brilliant video she produces was a problem. She made it, folks consumed it, but now what?

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Content Marketing for Life Coaches 101: Case Studies

When it comes to inbound marketing and content creation, case studies can be really beneficial. This is especially true when it comes to nurturing relationshipswith potential clients who are almost ready to make a purchase. And yes, this is the same when it comes to marketing for life coaches. 

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