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Are You Planning Too Many Posts for Your Blog?

too_many_posts.jpgWhile some search engine optimizers will emphatically say that there is no such thing as "too many posts," I beg to differ. I wrote a whole post about too many posts a few months ago because I very much think that there very much is a thing as too many, and yes, they can do some damage. 

My big beef with too many posts is a lack of quality. When it comes to your blog, you'll get greater overall benefit from higher quality versus a vast quantity. This is because it's really all about the people you want to do business with, even though getting cozy with search engines does help. 

I've also previously addressed whether or not you're publishing too many posts, but that's the thing... you want to avoid this altogether, not find out after the fact! If you are churning out too many posts, it's great to find out so you can cut back, but by then, you've already burned through a lot of effort, time, and money. A lot went into cranking out content that ends up being gratuitous, so you want to avoid that altogether by eyeing up your plan and seeing if the amount of blog posts you have planned is actually over the top.

How's your plan?

If you want to know if your plan is overkill, I suggest taking a look at the following things to see if your "content strategy" is more barrage and less tactical. 


You want to look at your budget--both financial and time. If you (either the personal you or corporate you) are producing posts, look at how many you can realistically put out in any given month. If you have slated more than you have bandwidth to give proper attention too, you need to cut back. Otherwise, you may find that you're overwhelmed and none get produced.

And if you are paying to have these produced by an agency, freelancer, or other service, ensure that you have the finances to pay for posts on a consistent basis. Sure, this month you can pop for one post per day, but if you can only swing one each month for the next quarter or two, you may have just undermined your previous efforts.


If your editorial calendar is mainly empty slots with no topics assigned, you may want to dial it back. Your blog posts should be relevant, high value, quality content that folks actually want to read. If you can't come up with ideas for that kind of content, you may be scrambling at the last minute to put something together, and that something may stink.


Does your marketing or content plan call for that many posts? What purpose do the posts on the calendar serve? Are they there to move folks through the funnel or something else? And if you are using the blog to bring in folks, what then? 

If you don't have the answers for questions like the ones I posed above, you probably are working with too many posts. Instead of spending time (or money) on writing for your blog, your energy should probably focus on sorting your strategy or creating content--a content story, if you will, to move folks through the rest of the funnel. Once you have that in place, then you can ramp the blogging back up.


So do you have too many posts? Or do you need to sort out that strategy thing I spoke of? Or do you think you are nailing it?! Regardless of how you answered those questions, you want to check out my recorded webinar on content strategy. Watch it now--for free!

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