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7 Things to Do After You Publish a Blog Post

Hey, clients! This one is for you. And everyone else, you might be able to get something out of this too, because it doesn’t matter where the post comes from, these are the things to do after you publish a blog post.

1. Read it again. Out loud.

After you publish a blog post: read it again out loud image

Yep. Even though it’s gone out into the world, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to correct any errors—there may be a few errors that slip through. Although you may have proofed it thoroughly, give it one more read OUT LOUD. You may catch usage and syntax errors you didn’t see before or an awkward turn of phrase that looked good on paper.

2. Share on social.

After you publish a blog post: Share on Social

This is one of the most important things to do after you publish a blog post. Share it on all of the social networks where your business has an account, or where you have a profile for professional purposes. And don’t do any of that automatic sharing crap. Write custom text tailored for each network when you share, as different folks engage on different sites. Consider scheduling these posts for different days, so if you do have overlapping engagement, no one is inundated with the same stuff all at once. Not only does this get the word out, but it also makes it easier for folks to share.

3. Keep sharing.

After you publish a blog post: Keep on sharing

Share your post on your personal social sites. And encourage employees to do the same, but don’t make them feel forced or pressured to do so. Just suggest nicely.

4. Put out a newsletter.

After you publish a blog post: Send out a newsletter

Do you have an email newsletter? Get one, and once that’s set up, don’t put your whole post in there—excerpts and teasers only.

5. Get personal.

After you publish a blog post: Get personal

Did someone you know inspire the post? Did a conversation with an acquaintance spur it? Or were you just expanding on a question you had from a client? If any of these are the case, and the post isn’t negative, let that person know about it. Send a message, on social if possible. And if you can think of anyone else who’d benefit from the post, share it with them.

6. Comment.

After you publish a blog post: comment

I hope you read other blogs in your industry or related to it. If so, you probably stumbled across a post elsewhere about a similar topic. If you have, and if your post expands on the topic or gives a different viewpoint, leave a comment on that original post. That comment should have a link to your post. And if you haven’t found such a post, go to Google.

7. Expand.

After you've published a blog post: expand

Give that blog post you agonized over some legs. Take a look at what other kinds of content you can spin it into. You could break it up into digestible tips and start sharing on social sites again. Maybe you could incorporate the highlights in an upcoming podcast. What about whipping up a quick video that shows folks what you were talking about? Do this especially if someone else created that blog content for you so you can get your money’s worth.

Not sure where to go next? Contact us--we have a few ideas.

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