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7 Signs You’ve Found the Right Agency

signs you've found the right agency

There are a lot of marketing and content agencies out there, and even if they do good work, that doesn’t mean they are good for you. Yep, that means that Impressa Solutions might not even be a proper fit—even if it pains me to say it. So how do you know you’ve found the right agency to work with:

1. They’re in your matters

Yep! Money matters. If you seriously can’t afford them, they aren’t a good fit. If you can’t afford any of us, however, your budget may be the problem.



make sense2. They make sense.

If they use too many buzzwords or jargon, that’s not a deal breaker in my book. The real issue is if they cannot take a timeout and explain what they said. A moment or two of smiling and nodding is OKAY, but if you do that for the entire engagement, you might not be smiling at the results.


you make sense to them3. You make sense to them.

When you tell them something about your wants or need, about your industry, or about you, does it seem to resonate? Even better, can they come back with information about similar clients they’ve worked with? If both can be answered affirmatively, you probably have a keeper!


you like them4. You like them.

Liking folks is a good reason to work with someone. For real!



They like you5. They like you.

You want an agency, or agency contact, that likes you. If they don’t dig you, they won’t be doing their best work at the best pace at the best price. Signs they like you: timely email responses, social media adds, on-time appointments, and free add-ons. Signs they don’t like you: sluggish or no email responses, social media silence, a majority of cancelled appointments, and extra charges for everything.


they do good work6. They do good work.

If they create what you’ve asked for (or what you actually need) and it’s getting desired (or promised) results, score!



happy7. You’re happy with their work.

Sometimes an agency can do great work, and you won’t be happy with it. Maybe it took too long, isn’t what you expected, or is flat-out what you said you didn’t want—which means you maybe haven’t found your marketing agency love connection.


How do you know when you’ve found the one?


Or have you found them… in Impressa Solutions?! Our blog packages are a great way to either get started or add on to your existing services and amp up your efforts. Ask us about them ASAP, and mention this post for a discount!

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