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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Outsource Blog Posts to Us


 We do (and have done) a lot of blogging on behalf of a lot of clients. From ghostwriting for life coaches to giving voice to a startup brand, we’ve seemingly done it all when it comes to blogging. However, you may never, ever want to outsource blog posts to Team Impressa. Here are seven reasons why: 

1. We are stubborn

Again, the Impressa Solutions crew has this blogging stuff down, and we are well-versed in best practices. We may say “no” to requests that are against your best interests and/or fly in the face of everything we know to give you a better chance of success.

2. We aren’t cheap

We are more affordable than many other agencies, but we are pricier than the vast majority of freelancers. 

3. We’re know-it-alls

Because of our experience and extensive blogging backgrounds, Team Impressa may pop in to tell you how things should be done for projects unrelated to the outsourced blog posts. We are proud of our extensive marketing knowledge, and we spread it around every chance we get.

4. We’re perfectionists

We always want to make sure we do things the correct way. This means we will probably insist upon planning ahead and will want to proof every blog post at least twice before hitting publish.

5. We have big ideas

When you want to know what you should do with your blog, we’ll definitely bring it. We dream big, and probably have some impressive ideas for what would be the most impactful. However, even though you are outsourcing blog posts to us, you may not be able to act on every awesome idea we suggest.

6. We know people

Impressa isn’t the newest kid on the block. We know plenty of other folks in digital marketing, and this can come in handy when you are trying to take your marketing efforts to the next level. We also may know (and maybe have worked with) your competition, or we could work with a competitor of yours in the future. While we don’t spill secrets, every client gets the same level of care, confidentiality, and high quality.

7. We want more

We totally would love it if you’d outsource blog posts to us, but that’s not all we want. Blog posts alone aren’t really able to do much for you, so we may want to see you involved with email marketing, content offers, social media, outreach, SEO, and more. We want to do stuff that will actually get results, so we may be pushing for you to dive in deeper than you previously assumed you would go into digital marketing.


So if we haven’t completely turned you off on the idea of outsourcing your blog posts, good. Outsourcing can be really beneficial to your blog and your bottom line if everything is done right, and we can totally help with that. Snag our FREE ebook on how to find the right ghost blogger and handover your blogging duties.

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