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6 Tools You Need to Find New Ideas for Your Blog

ideas for your blogCreating content that gets noticed is what every blogger aims for. Fresh content is important to keep the online presence of a business in the spotlight, and bloggers bring themselves to toil over the keyboard not just for the sake of new content, but for the purpose of creating awareness, engagement, and customer conversion. But it isn’t always easy to come up with a killer idea for a blog post that will make your audience sit up and read. If you already hit a brick wall trying to come up with a good topic for a blog post, there are online tools that you could put in your utility belt to help you discover fresh ideas for content creation. Here are just some of the most popular places to find new ideas for your blog:

1.) Ubersuggest

If you have a bad case of writer’s block, recognizing what people find interesting is the first step in coming up with a killer idea for your next blog post. This is where Ubersuggest, a free keyword tool, can come in handy. When you search for a keyword or a phrase, Ubersuggest scrapes Google search results and will return the related topics most searched by real people.

2.) Alltop

You can get a daily source of inspiration from Alltop if you want an idea for a blog post or you want something good posted on your business’s Twitter or Facebook news feed. It aggregates the hottest news and blogs and filters them according to topics or industry.

3.) Quick Sprout

In case you are curious about what’s the most popular post in your competitor’s blog, you can use Quick Sprout. Simply paste your competitor’s website on Quick Sprout, and it will generate a breakdown of your competitor’s most popular posts. This should give you a hint about what to write next.

4.) Topsy

If you are constantly checking out a site because it has a great pool of ideas where you get your inspiration from, you can use to know the most popular blog posts on that site. If you want to know the hottest topic for, for example, simply type in “” in's search box.

5.) Google Trends

You want to blog about a topic that is popular, and the best way to stay on the pulse within your niche is through knowing the hottest trend in your industry. This tool will lead you in the right track of your research by showing you the search volume of various keywords and phrases.

6.) Quora

Not only Quora reigns as the leader in Q&A sites on the web, it is also a hotspot where you can get an idea of interesting and unique topics that you can write about. This is where people ask no-nonsense questions and get intelligent answers. Sometimes the best way to come up with something to write about is to answer the questions that your customers are asking.

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