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5 Signs You've Found the Right Ghost Blogger


You know blogging is beneficial for boosting your SEO, raising your profile, and a bunch of other marketing magic, but you probably don't have time to do that stuff yourself. Outsourcing blog posts to a ghost blogger is an excellent solution--far better than buying generic, cheap content and slapping your name on it, hoping for the best. But how do you know you found the right ghostwriter for your blog?

1. The posts "sound" like you.

Yep! This one is the one that matters the most! You know you've found the best ghost blogger for you if the posts he or she creates indeed sound like something you'd write (or at least say if you aren't so hot on the writing front).

If you aren't sure if they've nailed it, read the post out loud to someone who knows you well enough. Both of you will know pretty quickly if the writing is authentically you or all wrong.

2. Your ghost blogger asks questions.

In order to speak for you (in written form on your blog, that is), your blogger needs to know your thoughts and feeling on the topics they are writing about. This means lots of questions up front and probably from post to post too. 

Even if the questions don't seem totally on point to your post, housekeeping questions and queries around purpose and marketing strategy are good too. It shows that your blogger is engaged and is trying to nail it for you.

3. They've requested previous work.

If you've "published" anything at all, any ghostwriter that's good will want to see it. This may refer to email newsletters and previous blog posts, but if you have a white paper or book you've produced, they want to see that too. This way they can see how you write and copy your style to keep things consistent for your audience. And don't worry, they probably won't be reproducing your typos and punctuation errors. They will be following the example you set in those previous pieces and applying some editorial oversight.

4. They understand what you do.

If you've hired a ghost blogger to write posts on your behalf that speak to your industry or other niche audience, he or she has to talk the talk. If they are tossing around too much lay terminology and injecting descriptions where jargon should go, your readers will know something's up. Either it will be obvious someone else writes for you, or it will look like you aren't credible and knowledgeable in your field, which is far worse.

5. They do the work.

Seriously. There are a lot of writers who just don't get the job done. Or they do it late. Or they obviously phone it in. 

You know you have the right ghost blogger when they actually do the work, (somewhat) on time, and do it well! Those folks are keepers!


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