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5 Savvy Tips for Selecting a Ghost Blogger


While Team Impressa would love to handle ghost blogging for every person who comes our way, we just aren't a good fit for everyone. But there's someone out there who is. And there are many potential ghost bloggers who seem stellar, but aren't a good option. I've been hiring writers for years (and no, not every hire is a smash hit), and these are seven of my savvy, experienced tips for selecting the best blogger for you.

1. Avoid the Jack of all trades

Some folks (like yours truly) have been in the industry for a substantial period of time and have developed and honed several skills. Others, not so much. If your prospective ghost blogger claims to be able to not only write awesomely and authentically as you, but also tackle a whole bunch of other stuff, be wary.  It's extremely, extremely rare to find someone who's an incredible writer, graphic artist, SEO, and PR expert. 

2. Pay attention to the process

When I'm ghostwriting for a client in any capacity, I spend some time before I start typing to get to know my client, how they speak, how they write, and how they think. I review every bit of writing I can get my hands on--from books to blog posts to correspondence--and I often try to have a conversation or two, in person if possible. From there, I usually start building a style guide of phrases and words the client uses liberally, unique things that they sprinkle in, words they avoid, and any obvious strong opinions on certain pertinent topics. Others may have a different process. But they need to have a process. If they don't, they'll be creating generic content with your name on it.

3. See secrecy as a bonus

While utilizing ghostwriters is a given for those in many industries and in certain capacities, confidentiality is still important. This is very true for coaches, consultants, and authors. You could shake the confidence of your clients and customers if they were to find out someone else is writing for you. If a potential ghost blogger is reluctant to namedrop, that's a good thing. It's even better if they aren't adverse to an NDA. 

4. Look for subject matter experts

You are an expert in your field, and this should come across in all of your content, even blog posts. This is a tall order if the blogger you pick doesn't know much about your niche. Yes, you can get them up to speed, but it's much easier to find someone who already wields some mastery over the topic.

5. Try to find someone with a reputation

When working with a ghostwriter, selecting one with a reputation to uphold can be the golden ticket. Plagiarism, recycled content, poor editing, and not customizing content are all things that lead to bad feedback and a poor name, and those who have already built a good rep (or are building one) won't risk it. 


Everyone claims to be the best; but you need the right ghost blogger who is equally proficient both in writing high-quality content and in managing your blog. Read this masterpiece on ghost blogging so you make the right decision.  

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