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5 Reasons Why the Best Life Coach Marketing Strategies Include a Blog



 What are the two important things your clients take into consideration before theyhire you?

  • Your ability to do what you say you do (i.e. they want to feel that your service is worth their time and money)
  • The idea that your are easygoing and they will enjoy working with you

So, how can you inject confidence into your potential clients?

The answer is blogging. Your blog is the best tool when it comes to letting your ideal client know about you and your impressive skills and how you can contribute to their growth.

Blogging is a very important component of content marketing strategy and can bring awesome results if done appropriately. And it’s also a low-cost and low-risk way of marketing with manifold benefits.

Self Promotion

The answer to the question “How to stand out from the competition?” is self promotion. And, blogging is the best way to promote yourself and stand out from the crowd.

A fully optimized blog lets you showcase your brand. For example, you can promote the scholarly articles you have written, your resume, and the articles written about you, etc.

Moreover, this will be a nice place to answer the frequently asked questions about you and your business. Your mission and vision statement and other materials such as testimonials and case studies be at home here as well. Thus, your visitor will have a comprehensive understanding of your area of expertise.

You should also upload podcasts, videos, and video clips or photos of any relevant events you were part of.  

Increase your reputation as an authority

Positioning yourself as an expert is critical to your success. By blogging, you can showcase your expertise to your target audience so they become confident of your skill in your speciality.

This will also give you the opportunity to engage your potential and existing customers in a conversation and get your opinion in the discussion. And, when they have a big challenge that they can’t handle they will come to your for help.

Engagement with audienceLifeSaving.jpg

It goes without saying that content is a great qualifier. The right content will attract the right audience and keeping the comment section open will prompt them to express their two cents. As a subject matter expert, you will have the opportunity to engage with your community, show your talent, and earn their confidence.

Cost effective medium

Unlike other avenues of marketing, blogging is a low-cost medium. Moreover, setting up and running a blog is not rocket science. Though anyone with some technical knowledge can do it, blogging for success requires a good number of skills like great content development, SEO, and analytics. If you have the time and/or skill, you can do this yourself. But if you’re like most coaches we work with, you don’t have the time and/or skill, and if this is the case, it’s relatively affordable to have a ghost blogger handle this for you.

Drives traffic to your website

Your website is your digital sales rep that serves 24/7. To make your website result-focused, you need to create amazing content that attracts visitors and converts them into leads and customers.

One of the most effective ways of pulling strangers to your site is through blogging. If you write high-quality blog post and promote it wisely on different channels, you will get targeted traffic visiting your website.  

Apart from driving visitors, fresh, relevant, and helpful content on your blog will also help you rank well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for Google, Bing, and other search engines. In fact, blogging is an organic way of increasing your SEO ranking.


Life coaches are enlightened professionals with great motivating prowess. However, like other businesses, you as a life coach also need effective marketing efforts (and maybe a little coaching) to capture the fair share of the pie.

 Frequency and consistency are extremely important factor for successful blogging. One or two quality blog post per week with consistent approach will keep your readers happily engaged with your blog and website as well.

 Last but not the least, successful life coaches are very busy and thus, don’t have time to write blog posts on their own. Most of them hire ghost bloggers to write and manage their blog.

But before you hire a ghost blogger, you should know where to search for and how to find the right one who provides “write” kind of services. We suggest you read our Free Guide to Ghost Blogging to get a clear picture of how ghost blogging can benefit you.


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