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5 Reasons an SEO Audit is a Bad Idea

seo_audit_main.jpegI know. SEO audits are generally good things for your blog or website, but they aren't always what's best or what's needed right now. Sometimes they may even be a bad idea. Here's why:

1. SEO evaluations put an emphasis on computers, not people. 

Computers aren't your customers; real humans are! An old school SEO analysis may not spend enough time on user experience and the value of what you're putting out there for people. This can be a big turn off for living beings. 

2. Over-optimization hurts.

Google doesn't like sites that are overly optimized and completely on point in terms of what the algorithms have been know to favor. Your SEO audit could lead you to cater to search engines too much, and that could actually hurt your SEO efforts.

seo_audit_2.jpeg3. Site structure and usability are the big deals.

If you are having one heck of an evaluation for your SEO, usability and site structure may get a nod. This is good because both of these things are now taken into account by search engines, and these are things that end up being important for actual people. But the focus of these evaluations usually becomes keywords and links--doh!

4. You'll have to do something.

Yep. If your audit finds that your SEO is all sorts of jacked up, you're going to have to take action. Get ready to work.

5. A content evaluation could be what you really need.

Even if your SEO is wonky, your site could still work out perfectly swell for your audience when they navigate to it. However, if your SEO is on-point and your content is off-base, you are going to put off the real, legit humans who want to spend money with you. If folks are navigating away from cruddy content as soon as they stumble across it, you're killing your SEO anyway. Search engines count that stuff now. A content evaluation is probably a better first step, as you won't waste your money and time on fixing up SEO to drive traffic to crap content.


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