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5 Life Coach Marketing Strategies for Novices

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So you’ve decided to start a life coaching business. 

That’s awesome! Your new business involves problem solving, helping people, making friends, growing your personal brand, and (ideally) making money—all at the same time! Now that you’ve taken the plunge, you won’t believe how fast you’ll fall in love with your new vocation, nor how much harder you’ll be willing to work to get the most out of the pursuit.

But first things first: you need clients! Potential customers need to hear about your business, need to know what you can do for them, and need to know how to get in touch once they’re ready to roll. Proper life coach marketing is crucial, as the right strategy can yield returns the wrong one simply won’t approach. And if you don’t know where to begin, relax: we’re here to help!

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No two people are exactly alike, but everyone’s a potential client for your life coaching business. Here are five ways to bring more versatility to your life coach marketing so that you can expand your reach and help more people:

1. Social media is your friend (and everyone else’s)

The prevalence of social media makes it an absolute must when making your marketing plan. It should be a pillar of your approach and something you invest a great deal of time in. That said, your competition is investing a lot of time in their social media marketing, too. Don’t neglect its importance, but make sure your messaging is unique enough to set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

2. Make a lot of content

A content-heavy marketing approach is one of the simplest ways to kick-start an inbound marketing plan. Upon arrival at your website, social media account, or business page, there should be a lot of stuff there for potential future clients to check out. That can mean blogs, videos, pictures, articles, and whatever else you think has value. Make sure it looks and sounds great and you’ll be on your way.

3. Repurpose content

Repurposing content for different audiences allows your work to live multiple lives. It can also save you money and amplify your message. The two main concepts to consider here are Breaking Down and Building Up: if you’ve invested in a big, important piece of content like a case study or video, consider stripping out the component parts and crafting smaller pieces (like blog posts, podcasts, or listicles) around those ideas. Or, if you have a bevy of smaller pieces, consider combining them into one larger, cohesive piece of content that tells a broader story.

4. Develop different ways to appeal to different people

Different people respond best to different marketing approaches, based on their preferred means of communication. Focusing your efforts solely on one specific approach will limit its ultimate effectiveness with people who don’t respond to that particular approach. Figure out how to appeal to different people on their own terms, and you’ll find that your marketing efforts will not just be better received, they’ll yield greater returns. 

5. Understand how you can help best

Know thyself. Before you make a single piece of content, you need to understand why you’re the one to help people in need. Your content is important, but it’s not your business, not as such: knowing why your business is important, and why, exactly, you’re the one that can best help the people you want to help, will focus your efforts and make your content that much better.

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You started your life coaching business because you know that you can help people, and you want to devote your working life to doing so. Don’t handicap your marketing efforts before they get off the ground by developing a strategy that would best suit someone else. Focus on your strengths, augment your weaknesses, and develop a well-rounded life coach marketing plan designed to appeal to as many different people as possible. These five ideas are just the beginning, and they’ll set you on the road to a more lucrative and personally rewarding life coaching business.

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