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4 Tips for Finding Brilliant Ghost Bloggers



Because you understand the importance of blogging, you’ve built out a blog to spread your talent and skills in order to position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

Successful blogging requires you to be proficient in a number of skills, like keyword research, user and search engine-friendly content creation, and blog management. Yes, this will eat up your valuable time and energy in order to make the blog a perfect content marketing tool. That’s why most of the successful entrepreneurs, life coaches, and authors find alternatives that work best for them. 

However, hiring a ghost blogger is the smartest solution, letting you do what you do best. But the challenge is finding the right one who is a brilliant ghost blogger and tech savvy.

Before you start searching, you should define the goal of the blogging project and your expectations for the ghost blogger. And keep the following criteria in mind for selecting your blogger:

  1. Ability for traffic generation
  2. Conversational writing style
  3. Storytelling abilities
  4. Great analytical skills


Based on our experience in providing blog management and ghost blogging for clients, we have seen a few things that will make searching for and hiring a ghost blogger easier.

1. Ask for referrals: First thing you should try is ask around for referrals. You might find colleagues have a list of good ghost bloggers they’ve worked with, and  you can single out the one that closely matches your requirement.

2. Advertise on freelance marketplaces: Online marketplaces like Upwork have a good number of ghost bloggers, but getting the perfect one is very challenging as these marketplaces also have many contractors that are far from being a good fit. You have to go through a series of screening process to find the right fit.

3. Search on LinkedIn: Applying advanced search technique, you can find the right ghost blogger on LinkedIn, the largest network of professionals.

4. Contact the right agency: Many agencies specializing in content or inbound marketing will have brilliant ghost bloggers on staff. In addition, they have marketing know-how and accesses to blogging tools. And agencies care most about their reputation, so they go above and beyond for you to be happy.  

To get a clear picture of how ghost blogging can work to your benefit, you should read our ultimate guide on ghost blogging. It’s free.

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