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4 Reasons Why Using a Ghost Blogger Keeps a Life Coach On-Brand

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Nothing quite prepares new life coaches for the amount of writing necessary to properly market their business. For instance, content marketing best practices all but require a brand blog. That wouldn’t be a big deal if you could write about whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, but such is not the case here. Instead, your brand blog must feature a steady stream of new and interesting content either ideological or promotional in nature (and sometimes both at once) that targets popular industry-specific search terms in order to drive traffic to your website.

You’ll need posts about specific topics, that include specific keywords. Everything produced must also be tied to specific traffic, engagement, and conversion objectives, because without them a brand blog is largely useless (at least as far as driving traffic and business is concerned). 

All of that would be daunting enough, but there’s still another goal that you have to hit: the brand blog will occasionally need to celebrate the brand itself, and market its appeal to people in need of your life coaching services

So then, the writing we’re discussing here isn’t really writing at all, as much as it is messaging and branding. This is why, even though an individual life coach may be a fine writer in his or her own right, outsourcing posts to a ghost blogger is a great idea for the vast majority of life coaches. 

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Here are four reasons in particular why outsourcing to a ghost blogger makes more sense than writing your brand’s blog posts yourself:

1. You are Not Your Brand

We’re not trying to say that you, the person, are not important, but rather that you, the person, are not your brand. A life coach’s brand is the public face and representation of their life-coaching business. As such, your brand blog is not your personal blog. When you think about it that way, outsourcing your blog posts to someone else doesn’t seem like such a big deal, now does it? Even if you know what you want to write about, and you know the words you want to use, you don’t need to write those words yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t, because…

2. You are Not a Professional Writer

What’s your greatest talent? Whatever it is, it’s probably not writing. While that might not matter to you as far as your brand’s marketing is concerned, it will be obvious to any potential clients who come across your blog and find amateurish content that poorly represents your brand. Use a talented writer with some marketing experience instead, and you can count on professional-grade content that incorporates marketing concepts with which a ghost blogger has been trained. Consider this: if you can cook a steak yourself, why would you ever go to a steakhouse to eat one? Because it’ll taste so much better when cooked by a trained professional with special techniques and better tools at his or her disposal. The same is true here. 

3. You Have Other Things To Do

Your brand blog is one piece of a much larger content marketing strategy engineered to drive clients to your life-coaching business. Think about how much else you have to do for that business, from meeting with potential clients to developing your business plan to attending conferences to social media and on from there. Given all that, the actual writing that represents you in the digital space can end up getting a perilously low amount of attention. You might start to let posts slide, or, in trying to keep up an unreasonable work pace, burn out and become okay with producing substandard content. A professional ghost blogger is not allowed to do that: they will keep up a regular production schedule of high-quality work while you’re busy taking care of other aspects of your business.

4. Consistency and Steady Messaging are Paramount

The above three concerns are mostly administrative. This last one’s about the content itself. You might not know how to properly organize information for maximum impact on a reader, how to develop and maintain a consistent voice and tone, how to structure a workflow calendar to keep a regular schedule moving, or how to target keywords effectively. Your blogger will. Once you’ve had enough meetings to give the writer a sense of what you want, how you want it, and what kind of timeline or goals you need to hit, he or she should be able to produce content with a consistent voice and style at a regular, dependable pace. And if that’s not the case, hire someone else!

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The simple fact is, most people don’t write terribly well. And even if you personally do, the non-professional writing you produce probably won’t match up exactly with how you want your brand to be seen and represented. A ghost blogger is the solution. Versatility, creativity, and professionalism are what they specialize in. Find one familiar with marketing concepts, too, and you'll be ready to roll!

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