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20 Power Marketing Words that Sell

Anyone can scribble down words, phrases, and ideas, but bringing these words and ideas to life and turning them into something that generates a reaction is a skill that not everyone has. The better you do at digging into the emotions of your readers, the better the chances of inducing your customer to take the action you want them to take. So you might ask, how? When writing a copy, the clarity of ideas as well as the factual and grammatical accuracy are certainly critical, but the choice of words can have a dramatic effect in influencing your reader in some way. Here’s a list of power marketing words you can use in your copy that can help convince customers to do business with you:

  1. You — In sales, it’s always about your prospects, not about yourself. Use it early on in your copy as though you’re speaking to your prospect and about your prospect.
  2. Because —When asking a customer to take action, always give them a reason why they need to do it.
  3. Free —We all want to something to be given for free, right?
  4. Value — Instead of saying “cost” or “price,” make it clear how your customers can get something from your offering versus losing something.
  5. Guarantee — Minimize risk perception by making your customers feel they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  6. Easy — This implies that your customers don’t have to put in much effort to get what they want and how much your offering will make your customers’ life easier for them.
  7. New — It always feels thrilling to own something cutting edge.
  8. Save — It’s a no-brainer that we all want to something to help us save money, energy, and time.
  9. Discover — When something is unknown to customers, this piques their interest, allowing you to introduce your product.
  10. Bargain — All customers want to get something worth more than what they are paying for.
  11. Hurry — "Hurry" creates urgency and motivates customers to act fast because of a limited time offer.
  12. Results — This implies that your product is going to work for your customers.
  13. Proven — It tells your potential customers that a lot of people have already tested your product and it worked for them.
  14. Instant — Nobody likes waiting. If your product can give results fast, then the better.
  15. More — Customers want the best deal possible so let them know that you are offering more things than your competitor.
  16. Offer — Implies that the arrangement is not permanent so they better act now.
  17. Huge — A big discount is difficult to pass up.
  18. Secret — Everybody wants to know a secret, especially if it’s a secret to success. Let your readers know that you can reveal the secret to becoming successful.
  19. 100% money-back guarantee — This phrase minimizes risk perception and thus creates a win–win situation for the customer.
  20. Everything you need — This phrase implies that your customers don’t need anything else but your product in order to achieve their goals.

There are so many words in the English language that provoke strong feelings. It’s all up to you to determine which of the above words will work best for your copy. There are certain motivational words that work better in certain situations. All you have to do is play with these words by combining them into phrases that will trigger buying interest.

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