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10 Tips for Life Coaches to Outsource Blog Posts Successfully


Team Impressa is so pleased that we have the opportunity to work with many motivating and inspiring life coaches. Our current and former life coach clients are amazing people doing big things, and their messages help people to achieve and enjoy a richer, fuller, more satisfying life. But getting this message out there can be a problem, and the solution? Outsource blog posts.

Some coaches turn to outsourcing their blogging duties because they are spread too thin—there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Others aren’t great writers. Some can’t get their writing to sound as powerful and be as impactful as their spoken words. And, whether you can believe it or not, some coaches just don’t like doing them! 

Whatever the reason, there are certain things you can do to have your outsourced blogging be a smash hit! I went over this in detail in my recent free e-book, but here are a few tips that life coaches, business coaches, speakers, and other folks in related fields may find mighty handy!

1. Hire experience

Look for an outsourcing solution with experience ghostwriting and/or writing for life coaches. Not all writers are able to shake their own style and be effective as ghostwriters. Also, the inspirational, motivational themes likely to be found in your blog may not be handled appropriately or authentically if they are foreign to your writer.

2. Be ready to back your blog

Your blog isn’t a golden ticket to more engagement, a spike in clients, or a barrage of book sales. It’s just one other tool in your arsenal, and it will get the most traction with some kind of SEO and post promotion strategy. The outsourcing solution you choose may or may not be able to provide you with those services, but regardless, you need those if you are looking for your blog to receive more traffic.


3. Pick up the phone

For most coaches, your blogger will be ghostwriting for you. If you want them to write in a way that’s consistent with how you speak, you will need to actually speak with them. That way your blogger can pick up on your cadence, favorite expressions, and overall style. Meeting in person is better, if you can make that happen.

4. Throw the book at them

If you’ve written a book, e-book, previous blog content or anything else, provide your blogger with it. Again, they are supposed to write as you, so seeing previous writing by you can help them do a better job.

5. Have some style

We highly, highly recommend style guides, especially when writing for coaches. Create one with your blogger, if you don’t have one already. This keeps your content consistent and provides written documentation of your preferred words, spellings, and other writing-related stuff.

6. Sound off

Be ready to give your writer some direction. Even if you were hoping to outsource blog posts and wipe your hands of blogging, you should still give your blogger somewhat regular feedback on the work they are doing. Otherwise they won’t know if you’re happy with their work or if they’ve completely missed the mark.


7. Be picky

If a corporate client complained that I used the word “coincide” instead of “concurrently” or “at the same time,” I’d roll my eyes. That’s pretty dang picky. But if a coach or ghostwriting client told me that, it would be welcome advice. Your blogger doesn’t want to include language you wouldn’t use. If anything said doesn’t feel authentic to your voice, say something.

8. Be realistic

But remember, your outsourced blogger isn’t you, but a talented ghostwriter should have no problem creating a reasonable facsimile of you from blog post to blog post. So while you need to speak up if something isn’t authentic to you or is something you’d never say, don’t get too picky. Maybe have you assistant or someone else close to you go over posts to see if they do indeed “sound” like you.

9. Be generous

When you outsource your blog, you will probably still need to help provide content. Your blogger will definitely have to ask for source materials now and again or need to interview you to get some fodder for an upcoming post. When these requests come in, give your writer what they need ASAP, as any delay could keep them from meeting a deadline.


10. Plan ahead

Most life coaches we’ve worked with are going a mile a minute. You all are busy, busy people, and sometimes the hardest part about working with coaches is getting a minute to plan out content. There are missed deadlines and mad rushes all too often! To make their life easier and the blog content better, work with your blogger to create an editorial calendar for your blog. This way they can work ahead on posts and not be rushed trying to whip things up.


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